May 15, 2013

Lime Crime Velvetines - Red Velvet

"Velvetines are a long-wearing, kiss-proof lip stain that glides on with the ease of a gloss and dries to a matte, velvet finish. Your lips have never felt so luxurious!" - Product packaging

"Liquid lipstick that goes on like a gloss and dries to a matte, touch-proof finish" -

I haven't heard a lot about Lime Crime's Velvetines lipsticks but I have noticed/heard that whenever they are in stock they quickly run out. Whilst looking around on the love-makeup store website I noticed they had some in stock and quickly purchased it to figure out what all the fuss is all about.

As always, I'm going to start off with what we all notice first, the packaging. I love brands that have cute/unique packaging. It just makes the product seem extra...magical? I'm a sucker for purple.When I opened this, I noticed you could take the packaging apart to find out how exactly to apply for longer staying power and how to completely remove everything which was pretty neat. When I purchased this, I was expecting the lipstick to be the same size as their uniliners but was pleasantly surprised by how extra chunky they were. I put up the bottom right photo above for people to compare the sizes.


The concept of a 'drying liquid lipstick' is pretty odd to me, I'm sure I've heard of liquid lipsticks before but I haven't tried them out before. I'm pretty impressed by it though.  When you apply this to your lips you can see the liquid kind of dissolve onto your lips as if it's absorbing the colors, which was interesting. My six hours later photo was taken after a really rainy day and a meal. I checked the mirror just before the meal and it was perfect but after the meal it seems that a bit of it ended up fading in the center of my bottom lip. I was genuinely surprised that by the time I had reached home it hadn't all disappeared and realised all I had to do was do a mini touch up whilst at the restaurant.

I've read some other people haven't had a great experience with this but I get the impression they didn't do obvious things such as applying a lip liner, especially with red as it's a color that just manages to bleed everywhere. I'm sure if you don't apply lip liner you may end up looking like the Joker a la the Dark Knight. I applied mine quite carefully because it was quite red and liquid, do expect some to end up on your teeth, luckily that's not a hard thing to fix. After applying one layer on, I added a second to fill in the cracks that I didn't reach the first time around. The instructions do recommend to exfoliate and moisturise before applying.

Price & Availability
You can order this from the Lime Crime website for $16.99 which is equivalent to roughly £11.15. For my UK readers, if you're impatient and don't want to wait for weeks for your postage to arrive in a couple of weeks, you can do what I did and order it from the love-makeup store for £11.50. I would hurry before they run out, love makeup do deliver quite fast as well. I placed my order on a Sunday and received it on Tuesday. The only other two UK online sellers of Lime Crime products that I know of seem to have run out for now.


  1. I reviewed this yesterday - I love it. Thanks for sharing xxx L xx

  2. wow...the colour is so amazing! great review :)

  3. The colour looks great on you. It reminds me of the Rimmel Apocolips. Is it similar?


  4. Thank you. In a way yes but they have different feels and different smells. Apocolips is liquidy until it completely disappears whereas lime crime's instantly seems to be absorbed by your lips and leaves your drips dry but colored. Hope that helps ^^

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    1. I didn't originally think much about it, I only bought it because I wanted to know what the big deal was to be honest, I was expecting to be disappointed but I wasn't tis really good XD