May 17, 2013

Illamasqua Paranormal Collection

As some of you may gather, I am a huge fan of Illamasqua, they've been around ever since the start of my makeup addiction. When the Paranormal collection was finally released I instantly placed my order for their polishes. I would have posted this up a long while ago but I fancied wearing Omen on for quite a while before taking photos of Geist.

"The Paranormal collection was inspired by unbridled kinetic energy, spectral light and transcendental emotional forces. The things we can't explain, yet feel all-consuming. The place between dreams and reality, the door of perception is open and is beckoning you through. Step into the light!" - Alex Box, Creative Director

Out of all three shades in their new collection (green, pink & purple) I knew I had to go for Omen which is described as paranormal bright green. These aren't just generic bright neon green colored nails, they have a strange silver glitter grainy tinge in them that you can kind of make out in the pictures. Omen looks so awesome under UV light, if you look close enough you can still see the strange grain type texture even when it's under black lights. I do wish that black lights were more common just because the polish looks super cool when it glows. Omen, Ouija and Seance are available for purchase for £15.

Geist is a clear UV polish that glows a white blue under UV light. The formula itself has a sort of blue tinge to it which tends to make green polishes seem kinda blue, pink kind of purple and purple kind of blue, especially under UV light. I've found that it also turns light greens to blue after using it on top of some mint colored polish. I bought it for versatility purposes such as if I were to ever go out where I knew there's be blacklights, I could just throw this on top of whatever nails I had rather than strip off whatever manicure I had and specifically apply on Omen. I also thought it'd be really cool to just apply over some nail art or to even create hidden nail art on your nails. Geist clear polish retails for £13.

At the Birmingham Selfridges Summer Beauty event Sara from pretty-in-pink, my friend from uni, made me sit down at the Illamasqua counter and try out their new ESP lipstick as I decided to go purple with my hair and eyebrows. You can check out her post on the event here. Whilst a lot of other people were saying that the lipstick went really well with the hair and brows, I personally felt that it was too much purple all together and was kind of put off. Had I worn this with my natural hair and eyebrows I probably would have felt differently as I have seen a lot of people online try out this lipstick and thought it was wonderful. Do you think this lipstick goes well with all that purple?

Have you tried anything from their new collection? Is there anything that you want to try but haven't gotten around to it yet? Do share your thoughts.

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  1. These are brilliant and can I say I just love your hair. Also found you via the Brightside Beauty Bloghop xx

  2. In fact, i really like this lipstick with purple hair, he add something to the all look. :)

    I did not try anything from this collection, but i've just made my first order today (thanks to the twitter code ^^). And i've took the ESP lipstick in ! (Well, with the scribe eyeliner, i fell in love for this one since months)

    1. Yeah, I also made a small order as I figured why not? xD Ooh, I look forward to seeing you try on the ESP lipstick :) I got scribe a loooong time ago as I loved the concept. XD

    2. Oh, what have you choosed ?

      Well, it's been a while since i wanted a good mat purple lipstick, so i hope that this one will be good. ^^

      Yep, i remember that, he was in your Mr Freeze makeup, no ? ;)

    3. Yeah it was also in my kingfisher bird makeup too. I ended up buying their lipstick in climax, it's not a crazy color though, just plain nude pink xD

  3. Replies
    1. I think I will be doing that, I have one of the counter ladies on my facebook because I shop there that much anyway T.T