May 05, 2013

Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen

Hey guys! As a lot of you know I attended the BrumBloggerMeet two weeks ago and was given many goodies to try out. Today's post focuses on Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen who are a Family run company up in Edinburgh who hand make home made soaps, scrubs, skincare products and candles.

What makes their products so special? They aim to steer clear from adding needless chemicals to their soaps. They've packed their own products full of things like chocolate, oats & seeds, which are all pretty yummy but are added to feed you skin.

These are all sample size products, so if you were to buy anything from them expect a larger amount of product.

Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding Scrub
This scrub contains ground up rice for exfoliation, it also moisturises and smells good. I probably wouldn't use this on the face as it scrubs too hard and the skin on my face is pretty dry and sensitive but it's great as a body scrub, I think my only issue with it is how after I've used it on my body, it doesn't leave your skin feeling super soft which is always a sort of pre-requisite for any soap I use. I do really love the scent, it's a really strong vanilla. If you think vanilla is a boring scent, then they also sell this scrub in raspberry. The scrub comes in a jar for £4.

Mississippi Mud Pie
Chances are when you receive this in the mail, it'll probably have some random rough patches once you open it as shown in the image above but don't let that put you off, out of all three of these this one is without a doubt my favorite. Once your fingers glide through the product the hardened bits disappear instantly. What I love the most about this is how soft it leaves your skin. The rich chocolate scent is really strong, I applied this earlier on in the day and late evening time I ended up getting licked by the bf because I smelled like chocolate, he was pretty disappointed that I didn't taste like it though. On that note, though it does contain a lot of coco I wouldn't eat this as it does contain clay. A jar of Mississippi Mud Pie costs £4.00

Manna Soap Loaf
This one is part of their signature loaf collection. I'm not going to deny it, out of all three of these this one aesthetically appealed to me the least purely because it looked weird. However, once I opened up the packaging my nose was hit by the sweetest smells ever. I didn't know what the smell was of but they describe it as a "distinctive fragrance mix of cake and almonds". Out of all of these products, this was the one that I really had to hold myself back on, I don't think I've ever been so tempted to eat soap in my life. This soap both moisturises and exfoliates the skin as well and leaves it in great condition. You can get a loaf for £3.50 on their website.

Overall, I'm really happy I've been introduced to this brand, I do plan on purchasing myself Mississippi Mud Pie along with a Manna Loaf once it's back in stock. Other products that have captured my interested in cheesecake and cupcake soaps along with their martini glass candles. If you're still not sure if you want to commit to buying a particular product, they do sell mixed sets of items.

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  1. wow these look so delicious! I might have to check this company out.

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