May 27, 2013

Dita Von Teese Art Couture Lipstick in Bon Bon

Hey guys! So I received this in the mail recently and wanted to make a quick first impressions post on it. I noticed these lipsticks were on sale on the Debenhams website and thought I'd grab one. My first choice was a pink shade but it turned out they ran out of that one so I grabbed Bon Bon instead as I've been meaning to try out the orange lips fad to see if I could wear it without looking like an oompa loompa. So let's start off with what we all notice first, the packaging! I love the vintage feel of it, and think the Art Deco inscribed in the lipstick is pretty cool.

Bon Bon is a shocking matte orange lipstick. So this shade may not be of interest to a fair few people. One of these lipsticks cost £16.50, as this was on sale on Debenhams though, I managed to get this for £11.50. The color range has a lot of reds an orange and a few pinks. Most shades are out of stock on the Debenhams website though so if there's a specific shade you like, you'll probable end up paying full price on BeautyBay.

This is my first Art Deco brand product, I just bought it on a whim. The first time I applied this on my lips, it turned out my lips were too dry for it, so I ended up using a lip scrub and applied a balm to reapply. I found the lipstick was rather sheer when applied personally and would have rathered it had full opacity. I'll confirm/deny this when I do a full review. It is quite pigmented though and one swipe is good enough for full coverage. So we'll have to wait and see how well this fairs in a later post. I'll make sure to write up a post in future with a full review and a pin up style look a la Dita Von Teese herself in the future.

Have you tried any of Dita Von Teese's makeup products? Have you tried wearing orange lipstick? Let me know in the comments section! 


  1. I have never tried this before, but I do enjoy wearing orange lipsticks! This one is so bright and pretty!

    1. I can imagine it suiting your skin tone quite well, not so sure about myself though lol xD

  2. Hey! Found you on BBunite blog hop page. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

    Robyn viav x vintageisavirtue blog

  3. The colour is gorgeous on you.
    I could never get away with such bright colours.
    You lucky laydee #welljel


    1. Haha if you say so :P Will do a full face look sometime soon XD

  4. Thankyou for alerting me they have a sale on at Debenhams as i'm desperate to get my hands on some Dita Von Teese products! :)
    The lipstick looks gorgeous! x