May 19, 2013

Beauty UK Trade Show

So today I ended up attending the Beauty UK trade show at the NEC in Birmingham, it was in conjunction with Hair UK and Holistic Health UK. Entry for the event is/was free for all who registered online. It is still going on tomorrow, so if you're interested you can attend but with an entry fee of £10. 

What to expect?
This isn't exclusively a makeup trade show, it's more of a all things beauty trade show and then some extras on the side. Th exhibition was packed with nail art accessories, polishes, makeup stands,  perfume stalls, eyebrow stands, makeup/hair/nail schools, skincare consultations, hair accessories, tanning areas, massage areas, teeth whitening goodies, machines to battle cellulite and even some jewelry and accessories. I recall seeing some tarot readings going on, they had chocolate fondues, hair demonstrations, places to get manicures done and equipment for salon owners. I'm sure there's so much more I'm leaving out, I recall seeing a printer used exclusively for nail art designs. It was all really interesting to look at.

On the left: hd brows stand, the logo does remind me a lot of Urban Decay. They had a few special offers for salon owners which was interesting. On the right: When I say hair demonstrations, I don't mean exclusively for females. Watching this guy's hair get style was really fascinating.

They also had a nail art competition going on, it seemed pretty hardcore with all the tools set up everywhere. I genuinely never thought of nail art as a hardcore sport before.

Personal Highlights
The NYX stand was really my main reason for coming in. They were selling things for roughly 20% off and seemed to sell some of their makeup sets for even less than that. Man oh man was that stall so gosh darned busy. It was near impossible to try and get my hands on any of their things. The picture on the right is a picture of a bronzer they had on sale. Apparently they've teamed up with the folks from a reality tv show I begrudgingly admit I used to watch for a while. Nonetheless, that bronzer is pretty, so pretty I don't think I could ever use it. They also had a really good looking travel kit on sale that I didn't get as I couldn't justify purchasing more eyeshadows and I already have my own Z-palette travel kit that I made anyway. I had originally planned on purchasing specific jumbo pencils, mostly new shades but sadly they didn't seem to have the ones I was looking for available as they only stocked their most popular shades unfortunately.

China Glaze is a nail brand that I've heard a fair amount on, mostly by redditlaqueristas from the states so I was pretty surprised to see them here in the UK. They had some crazy offer on them, something like 24 for £90, my memory is terribly poor. For some reason, this brand is impossible to find in a store but some nail salons already own this. You know why? Because if you purchase 144 of their polishes you get a free stand on top of it all to display it in your salon. So if you fancy getting your hands on all of their colors, it's possible. 

 I am quite the magpie. Shiny things aka bling always catches my eye. So obviously the love lemonade stand caught my eye. They had so many beautiful shoes. Their trade show prices were really quite reasonable, if you're interested in purchasing any of these shoes online though, be prepared to pay roughly £250. Aside from shoes and jewelry, they also sell blinged up lip phones and skull phones.

Happy Nails UK was probably my favorite stand out of everything there. I had never heard of the company before but they had some really cool nail art stickers, embellishments and water transfers. I picked up a few things by them so expect close up shots and nail art posts in the upcoming months using their stuff but just look at all that nail art. Probably the most inspiring selection of nail art products in the whole show.

I ended up mostly picking up some nail art things at the Happy Nails UK stand and the Konad stand. I only picked one blusher off of the NYX stand as they didn't really have specific items that I was hoping to purchase there as I mentioned earlier.

I just want to make it clear that the pictures I've shown is just a small fraction of what they had going on. I've pretty much taken photos of what interested myself the most. If you wish you had attended, have no fear, tomorrow is day 2 of the event, if you have the day off you can make your way up/down there yourself and take a look at what's happening for only £10.


  1. Hi Mish,

    Zara here (we just chatted earlier on twitter) love the blogpost on the trade show :) and the nail art items look great! cannot wait to see them in a review :)

    1. Aww that's sweet. Glad you enjoyed it :) Nail art will happen eventually ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Well, why not? Didn't you want to try out new polishes? China glaze is quite popular and they had them there. At the very least go and see what's on offer? XD

  3. Thanks for the great show review and photos! Delighted you had a great day. Hope to see you next year! the BeautyUK team x

    1. I will most definitely be there and will bring more cash with me to spend on the day! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. I was totally at this event! In fact if you'd been looking in the competition area at the right time you would have see me being a model for one of the makeup competitions :)
    The china glaze selection was awesome! Unfortunately when I came back to it the shade I wanted had sold out.

    1. Damn, shame I missed you. To be fair though, there was so much going on there I definitely kinda felt lost looking at ALL the things. Do you have pics of the makeup by any chance? :)

  5. Oh my goodness! You are so lucky to have attended this trade show. Anyway, you've hauled pretty amazing stuff over there. I guess individuals should attend to such promotional events in order to grab products in a significantly lower price. Thanks for the ideas. Ciao!