May 31, 2013

Beautifully Disney - Ariel - Ocean Mist Polish

Oh hai gice! So yesterday I posted up my somewhat large collective haul of things I picked up this month. I included two items that I had only received just yesterday from Beautifully Disney. Yes, Disney has finally created their own makeup line! I picked up a palette and this one nail polish, Ocean Mist, that was inspired by Ariel from the little mermaid.
Now, I know nothing about the beach, despite being raised very close to one I wasn't a huge fan to be honest. Either way, this polish does not make me think of the ocean or ocean mist, I feel like it should have been called mermaid scales or something. If Ariel/the little mermaid was a live action film, I feel as though this is what her fish tail would look like.

My only issue with the polish, is the packaging. One full size bottle costs only £5 which is cheap/normal price for a bottle of polish (at least it's most certainly cheaper than some of the brands I've bought), which is great but I feel as though the packaging is kind of cheap? I did initially like the little shell on top of the bottle and the ariel print on the bottle but then I soon realised that they were all just stickers. I especially did not like the label on the bottom that looked like it had been taped onto the sides of the bottle. However when you pull it out it does have the ingredients listed in their but it was all full of tape I couldn't really look at the list. I may just be nitpicking, but either way, it doesn't change how much I love the actual color? It's LIKE MY NAILS ARE WRAPPED IN MERMAID SCALES OGODYES. It's also a great summer color.

I thought I'd add the above image so you could have an idea on the quality. I applied really thin coats because I find it's the only way I dont mess up my nails, or make minimal amount of mess. I'm sure you wouldn't need more than 2 thick coats of polish for it to be so opaque and if I'm honest, although I can maybe see a little difference in the photos between the 2nd and 3rd coat, I didn't notice a difference irl. Personally, I love this the most under direct bright light, the same way it looks under flash.

You can buy this polish online at the Disney store for £5 or buy a set of 4 mini bottles for £15. There are two sets, the princesses and villains. A lot of the colors didn't especially stand out to me aside from this and Ursula's Diva of the Deep but I already own several dupes and stopped myself from getting it. I'm not sure if you can buy these in store, but I hear these are available in Disney parks.

Have you tried any of Disney's new makeup line? Leave me a comment below!


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  3. Found you through the bloghop, and OH MY GOSH, those colors are beautiful!

  4. Wzll, i have a passion for green but, even aside that, this polish is just stunning. I absolutely have to check where i can find this one in France. <3