April 14, 2013

Pete Steele Type O Negative Nails

Three years ago today, Pete Steele of Type O Negative passed away due to a heart failure and so today's nail art is dedicated to the band. This specific look is based off of one of the band's album artwork called life is killing me. It's quite fitting considering how he died as well. It bums me out though as I only really began being a fan of theirs after his death and I'll now never have the opportunity to see them perform live. 

These were not bad for a first attempt, I did this free hand and was satisfied with the results. I've seen a number of variants on this kind of manicure and I'll definitely be doing something similar some day. The little circle with the line inside on the thumb is part of the band logo, I thought it'd be a cool little thing to add. I simply painted two coats for the base color then used a thin brush to dip into the radium polish and drew the squiggly lines. 

The black nail polish is from Barry M whilst the green is Illamasqua's Radium. The only thing I didn't like about this was that I didn't own the right shade of green but it was close enough and it probably just gives me the excuse to add more polishes to the current collection.

I've embedded a song off of the same album for any of those who were curious, I personally like to think it's one of their more accessible songs. Even though the lyrics are pretty negative, I've always just found this song to be really fun? I suppose I could easily say the same thing to all of my favorite songs by them.

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