April 23, 2013

April #BrumBloggerMeet

So last weekend I attended the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up which was organised by a uni friend, Sara from prettyinpink, Chloe from Unwrittenhollywood & Hayley from Strangeness and Charm. As a 'shy' blogger, I was initially quite anxious about committing to attending the event but I figured at worst, at least I know one other person. As the date came closer and closer though, I felt less anxious and more excited and genuinely looked forward to meeting everyone.

So the day started off with us meeting up at Starbucks, where we made our own introductions getting to know each other and were given a mini quiz by our hosts in hopes to win a prize later on in the evening. Majority of us basically began pulling out our phones and searching for the answers online. After all of that, we were led to Selfridges for a 'fashion show'.

Apparently, Selfridges had double booked us for a champagne reception so a fashion show was meant to be put together to make up for it all. However, our fashion show just ended up being a mini tour around the ladies department which was weird :S But we bonded over the whole experience either way through being all ermergerd at the strange eyebrows of the ladies who had toured us around.

Sneaky photo taken by Alice from Tea and Lead, with Chloe, Me & Sara

We then moved on to our own seperate groups after first dropping by Selfridges Beauty department, some people went off to try some bubble tea, I went off to check out the local pro MAC shop that I never knew existed and had some Starbucks before moving on to Bar Room Bar for a few talks, a meal and lots of goodies that awaited us.

This was the bag that all of our things were kept in. The organisers personalised the watch warehouse bags with spray paint and added a label to each of them with our names on them. We were also given a code WWT5 which gives you 5% off a purchase from their site which has a wide variety of watches and some jewelry on the side.

At the venue, when we got our bags we all basically found ourselves pulling random items out of our bag to sneak a peek at what we got. This was all of the stuff that was in the bag aside from some jewelry. I'll be going through as many of these products throughout the coming month. I figure I'd rather put up photos of seperate products/brands rather than just list everything here for them to be ignored.

Press Releases included in the bag

Jewelry close up

Each of us all also got an extra piece of jewelry from KrisXChi who also attended the event. She came up to the majority of us personally throughout the day and talked to each of us. She told me she had seen my Scrabble Nail Art and personalised the choice of jewelry she gave me which I thought was awesome. I'll probably take photos of some form of nail art with this ring on it. 

Before ordering our meals, we were given a talk by a lady from Benefit and the director of John Lewis in Solihull who invited us to a future event in October. The two also gave us a small goodie bag each which was really kind of them. 

Next, we received a talk from Elijah Choo founder of Birmingham based brand Bodhi who was generous enough to give a few of his products to us in each of our bags. He started the brand as he had some acne problems caused by generic cosmetic products so he switched to products that had all natural ingredients. He got bored of them and missed his scents and so Bodhi was born. He has future plans to expand the brand by going into cosmetics which I'm quite eager to try out when it happens.

We then moved on to having our meals, where mines arrived after everyone had already finished their meal and they messed up the order. So I ended up getting a free meal which is good I suppose but I don't think I managed to eat half of the meal. Oh well xD Our hosts then moved on to the raffle where there was a prize for each of us to win. I had happened to win the big box of Bodhi goods (pictured above), which I look forward to trying out as I've had a sniff of the items in the boxes and they smell quite pretty. 

If you'd like to attend a future Brum meet, I recommend you follow the @Brumbloggermeet twitter account. I haven't received an e-mail yet with everyone who attended but I've taken this from another attendee, I hope it's accurate.


  1. Nice post.... sounds like you had so much fun...

  2. Hi my lovely,

    Thank you so much for joining Friday Chaos – Hope you found some great blogs & gain some awesome new followers.
    Be sure to stop by again this Friday :)

    What great stuff, lucky lady :D

    Lotte xo

    1. Thank you & yes, I'm slowly making my way through all of it.

  3. aww it was a shame about your meal, was nice to briefly meet you saturday :) xx

    1. It's fine now xD Twas just slightly irritating at the time because I was starving lol. Nice to meet you too on the day :)

  4. I completely forgot to email you, but I am glad you had a nice time! We have some more in the line-up in the next few months so I'll make sure to keep you posted. Also, IMATS this year? I really want to go!

    1. And also, I am so sory about your dinner :( I wish I had've known sooner so I could have sorted them out >:(

    2. Oooh, sweet, do keep me posted. Don't worry about dinner, I was fed in the end eventually :P xD

  5. i have never been to a blogger meet up but it sounds awesome!!

    1. It was my first one, twas good fun finally meeting other bloggers face to face :)

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    would be nice if you can link up at my blog.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Lovely blog! Found your blog through the Friday Chaos blog hop! New follower:)

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I'll make sure to do the same :)

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