March 18, 2013

New Purple Hair

First off, no it's not real, it doesn't make me love it less. I originally bought this for a fancy dress event but thought I'd reuse the whole costume for comic con. When the wig finally arrived in the mail I tried it on and I instantly fell in love with it.

For ages, I've always wanted colored hair but as it's taken so long for me to grow out my hair to it's length that I've generally been too scared to bleach and dye it as I don't want to damage it. Plus, hair dye eventually fades and you'll have to redo the color.

This specific wig is a synthetic wig, which means I can't style it using any heat or i'd risk destroying it. It isn't one of the really cheap wigs you get from generic fancy dress places either, this one has managed to last multiple wears quite well whereas my experience in the past with fancy dress parties, the wig would only last one night. On the plus side, as it is synthetic, I can walk in the rain without having to worry about the wig losing it's style or frizzing up massively. 

There are some minor inconveniences with wearing a wig though, if you're wearing it for a long period of time  your scalp will find it hard to breathe which would potentially lead to an itchy scalp. Aside from the fore mentioned inconvenience of not being able to change the style there's also the worry of the wing potentially sweeping the wig away off into the unknown leading to a massively embarassing moment. It hasn't happened to me...yet. I don't know if it's a common experience either.

For those of us who really want to try out a new hair color but don't want to risk the hair damage to their natural hair, I'd definitely recommend finding a wig. Once I'm bored of the purple, I'd imagine I'll be looking to try out a red wig or some crazy multicolored one.

So overall:

Quick solution, just pop it on
Low Maintenance*
Colored hair without the damage of dye
Don't need to worry about rain*

Hard for hair to breathe*
Can't style hair*

*These pros/cons specifically apply due to the wig being synthetic.


  1. I am loving the color, looks great on you!

  2. The color so bright and look gorgeous on you :D

    Followed you on GFC.

  3. Much love,
    "Brilliant blog <3