March 17, 2013

MCM Birmingham Expo & Comic Con 2013

This isn't beauty related blog post, but it's a post about semi related to another passion of mine, one that I've had before I even began to dabble with makeup at all. Comic books, video games and a bit of fantasy, I'm sure some of my dorkyness has been reflected with my choices of themed makeup.   
My favorite cosplayers were by far the two females who dressed up as Bilbo and Gandalf as a Hobbit tribute. Thought it was pretty damn awesome. There were two people dressed up as Skyrim characters which was really impressive. There were so many other people who dressed up and there are a lot more awesome photos out there, I just got distracted with things there to really go around and take many photos. These photos are a minuscule fraction of the many many costumes this weekend.
Oh cosplayers. As a teen, I used to look online at comic conventions all around the world with envy. This of course was back when I was living in a country where there was never a comic con of sorts. However, since I've been in the UK, I've already attended three cons without dressing up for any of them. I have done the fancy dress things several times at uni though and dressed up as Batgirl, Trinity from the Matrix, Hit girl from Kick-Ass, Nyan cat (the meme), the Comedian from Watchmen and even the world's biggest damsel in distress princess peach. So yesterday, I finally decided to rectify this and dressed up as Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time for the comic con.
It was fun having random people gasp and be all ermergerd, it's Lumpy Space Princess and get my photo taken. There were plenty of other Adventure Time cosplayers too, I didn't get photos with everyone of them though as I was mostly distracted by all of the nerd galore in the stalls. I did manage to bump into another LSP (top right) which was amusing. I also found a fionna (top left) and flame princess. Overall, it was a pretty fun day. The comic con experience was definitely enhanced by dressing up for it. Expect a Lumpy Space Princess makeup and nail art post this coming week.

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