March 09, 2013

Makeup Storage Solutions 1

Having re-relocating recently, I've had the joy of reorganising my makeup collection. For a while I just had things everywhere in a chaotic mess. However, whilst at home bargains, I came across a few items that I thought would be handy. Here's what I did with a remote control holder I bought there for only £2.99.

I've used pencil holders bought from stationary stores in the past for storing makeup brushes and pencils but I find that they don't really have much space in them. Using a remote control holder though, I find I have plenty of room. The longest space was wide enough to just fit in my Z-palette which I was mostly pleased with. I filled the space with most of my more rectangular palettes and filled up the remaining space with my brushes.

In the small left space I just threw in all of my eyeliners and lip pencils (there's admittedly a sharpener thrown in the bottom of there too). In the right space, I've kept my smaller brushes and some more everyday items such as my Skin Base Foundation, my powder, mascara, primers and a nude lipgloss by Guerlain that I tend to throw on pretty often.

You can see on the shelf that I threw a few of my Nails Inc polishes in front of the container to for aesthetics. Also a wild Batman appears. Overall, for just £2.99 this was definitely a decent investment. Look out for part 2 to see what else I managed to find at home bargains.

In the meanwhile, for further storage ideas check out how I organised stuff while at uni and whilst I returned home.


  1. Good job for finding a solution to your problem. A remote control holder, nice..

  2. Hey, found your blog through the Brightside Blog Hop and I am now following via Google Friend Connect :)

    Awesome ideas. I'm constantly trying to organize and re-organize my makeup and beauty accessories. I actually just went out and bought some cheap trays from Target and started stacking them up, but I'm nowhere near finished. It's like this ongoing issue in my life ... my unorganized beauty product collection. Now I just need to figure out what I'm doing about haircare products, my blowdryer and irons ... -_-


    1. Loool, I know that feeling. I think it's best to allocate a certain are of your room to put that kind of stuff. If its soo bad that there's not enough room, maybe sell some stuff? Also I just keep all my hair styling items in one big drawer and only take them out when I need them >.< Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Much love,
    "Loved the blog post <3