March 19, 2013

LOTD: Purple Brows + Cracked NOTD

Today's look of the day post includes not only my makeup but my nails and purple, LOTS of purple. 

I'll start off with the makeup, the actual eye makeup itself is pretty simple and nothing exciting. It's a kind of panda eyes look. All I did was use NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean on both the upper lid and lower lid and then used Makeup Geek's black eyeshadow in Corrupt on top of it and blended it upwards. For the eyebrows, I simply used Lush's Emotional Brilliance in Feeling Secure. You can use the brush they supplied or just use whatever brush you use to do your eyebrows. If you generally fill in your brows with a pencil, then you can just use an angled eye shadow brush. 

I have tried to use other very pigmented shadows in the past on my brows but I've always struggled to get a decent color out of them as I have dark eyebrows. Lush's emotional brilliance range definitely makes it much easier. I didn't even apply any shadow on top of it either and it didn't budge throughout the whole day. However, I will warn you, the purple in their range stains red after you've removed it. I first freaked out thinking it may have been my skin reacting but it is just a stain and it should wash off within 24 hours I believe.

Although in general I've always steered clear of the cracked nail fad, I really liked it on me this time. What happened was simple, I was already wearing Illamasqua's nail polish in Baptiste but decided I wanted a lighter colored purple polish on my nails, so instead of removing my polish, I decided to grab Nails Inc polish in Hoxton Crackle and just paint it over as I had hoped the effect wouldn't work but it did. Surprisingly, I thought it actually looked cool. I suppose it's generally a matter of what colors you combine as I had seen the effect several times before in general but always thought it looked tacky. However, I do believe I've fallen in love for this combination.


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