March 30, 2013

Freak Out - Models Own - Mirrorball Collection

"Mirrorball is our first ever collection of nail frostings - a glide-on glitter that will revitalise your entire polish collection. Wear alone or over your favourite colour polish to give a frosting finish, taking nails from boring to BLING!" -

So last month the modelsOWN polishes had a 2 for £8 deal at Boots, since each bottle sells for £5, I made my way to Boots and bought myself Aqua Violet from the Beetlejuice collection and today's polish Freak Out from the Mirrorball collection. Although the 2 for £8 deal has finished, Models Own polishes have a 3 for the price of 2 offer at Boots now along with their new ice neon and fruit pastel collections.

Essentially these polishes are technically top coats with craft glitters and flakes. I do love the way these look and have been meaning to try and add some more polishes like these to my collection. Although these do look gorgeous there is one thing I really dislike about these kinds of polishes, which is they take so much effort to remove, either that or I'm too impatient. Anyway, as I knew it'd be difficult to remove the polish, I thought I'd try swatching it over different colors on paper before I applied any to my nails. In the end, the blues won me over and I applied Freak Out over a blue gradient.

As I have had this for over a month now, I have worn this twice. The second time I wore this was over Barry M's black nail polish. Personally, I think I prefer this combination over the previous one. I suppose it's because this way all the colors from the polish stands out better with the black contrast.

All in all, these polishes are fun to experiment with different colors and so long lasting the problem you're more likely to experience is trying to remove them. Have you tried any models own polishes? Anything from their latest collection? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments below.


  1. I love these nail polishes!

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