March 11, 2013

BH Cosmetics Haul

Here's a quick short post to show you guys my 1st edition 120 color palette from BH Cosmetics. I was majorly please by how well packaged it was! Underneath the amazon box was a layer of bubble wrap, the box for the palette, then some more bubble wrap and finally the palette. I've uploaded some pictures:
There's a light sticky layer on top of each tray to ensure no eyeshadow dust falling everywhere. I was really impressed by the crazy amount of packaging done to make sure the product didn't break at all. The palette cover seems to be made of some metal, which surprised me and the inlay trays seem to be plastic. I had read that the palette was small which lowered my expectations. Ultimately, I was impressed as each eyeshadow pan was bigger than I had imagined. 
The left photo is the top layer whilst the right one shows the bottom layer. I'll put up some proper photos when I write up a proper review.

 This originally costs roughly £30 I bought this on for £16.75, however there is now an even lower offer to purchase it for £15. As far as I'm aware, there are five different editions of this palette, I figured I'd just stick with the original. I can't put up a proper review of this yet as I haven't touched it.

I think with this new purchase, I won't be looking into buying new colorful eyeshadows for quite a while. I already own so many powerful and pigmented shadows, I just felt like I needed to buy something to fill in missing shades that I won't be using too often. Look out for a full on review in the future, I'll put up some swatched eventually too.

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