March 25, 2013

10 Beauty Products I'm Lusting After

I'm currently trying to not spend my cash on anything and everything. I've been window shopping online for things but I don't want to make an impulse buy and regret it later. So I thought I'd share what's on my makeup lust list. Although there are several things I admit I would like within each brand, I thought I'd make this list neutral by only listing one item per brand.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any of these companies and I haven't been paid to write this post.

I think the most sensible way to order the list is to start from the top of my face and work my way downwards. From the eyes, to the cheeks, the lips and finishing with nail products.

Sephora's Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol 2
Disney is definitely my Achilles' heel, pair it with makeup and oh god I feel the senseless urge to buy the full collection. Disney has collaborated with Sephora in the states and has been releasing limited edition Disney collections based on different princesses. Towards the end of 2012, the theme was Cinderella, they're currently on Jasmine and if they release an Ariel sometime soon with packaging as beautiful as this I may feel compelled to find a way to try and get this. 

This retails for $55 which translates to roughly £36 which is quite steep. It contains 15 eyeshadows, one blush and a bronzer. As I generally find most of the colors in this palette to be rather safe, I find it almost bearable that I'll never be able to own this. For us British makeup addicts, Sephora USA doesn't ship to the UK and Sephora France doesn't have any of the items in this collection which surprises me as Sephora is a French brand. *sigh* On that note, can we please have Sephora in the UK? 

With Disney constantly collaborating with different makeup brands/outlets, it always baffled me as to why Disney don't just create their own makeup brand because I can guarantee they'd rake in a load of money from it. It turns out, Disney ARE releasing their own makeup brand called Beautifully Disney. I think the cosmetic range will be exclusive to Disney Parks though however you should still be able to buy them online. The collection has a good vs evil theme as the collection also includes a Wickedly Beautiful theme, you can check out some images here. The only reason Beautifully Disney didn't make it on my lust list is because the packaging on the Sephora collection is stunning!

Click on to see what else is on my lust list!

Lit Cosmetics Glitters
Ah glitter. Shiny things in general. I don't know why I'm such a massive magpie. I suppose glitter isn't essential for a daily look so it's something I should put off for quite a while until I've expanded other parts of my collection. I'm pretty sure Lit cosmetics solely sell glitter related products. I learned today that they were in fact Canadian and that they do ship world wide. A single pot of these costs roughly $13 which is approximately £8.50. I hope they eventually do a massive sale on their products.

Neve Cosmetics Intensissimi Palette
Neve Cosmetics are an Italian brand, as their website is mostly in Italian, that is unfortunately all I can really say about them. I discovered the brand whilst looking at an online British vegan retailer, the colors in the palette just looked so bright, I was attracted to this palette immediately. However, as I already own some really pigmented Sugarpill eyeshadows of the same color and I've recently bought a BH Cosmetics 120 palette, I don't think I can justify buying this until I've properly used up several eyeshadows. If anyone catches me writing up a review on this anytime soon, please tell me to get some help and save my money for more important things.

Make Up For Ever Flash Palette

I know MakeUpForEver released this a long time ago but I've seen so many makeup artists do so many crazy things with this, I still want it. From eye makeup, to lip art or even just crazy face painting style makeup artistry, this palette is meant to be crazy awesome. Sadly, Makeup Forever is a brand that you can only get in very few select places in the UK. I believe that this palette would retail for roughly £60. The price is oh so very steep. However it's one I'd be happy to pay for this set.

Lime Crime Uniliners 

I've yet to try anything by Lime Crime but I've heard many positive things about their lip products. However, what I'm currently lusting after are these super colorful eyeliners by them. They've recently also released a gold and silver to their current line. I figure these would be cool to add in extra details to eye makeup. Each one costs $13.50 at the official lime crime makeup store which is roughly £9. They used to sell the original seven as a set for a discounted price but it seems that offer has gone for now. I've clearly left it too late and should have grabbed these a long time ago.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher
I don't own many blushers and I don't incorporate blush into my daily makeup routine. I originally used some sample blushes that were handed down to me. I did eventually buy myself a blusher in Ambition and I loved everything about it. I've almost finished the blush, so I'm now tempted to repurchase it and add some other shades to my collection. Although Illamasqua have recently released their duo compact blushers where you get two blushes in one palette and a mirror, I still prefer these original blushes as I never use those small mirrors and I prefer the clear cover, it allows me to just pick up what I'd like easily. The single powder blushers sell for £18 whilst the duo blushers cost £26. If you've bought items on Illamasqua's online store in the past, your 3rd order onward gets a 10% discount.

Sleek Pout Paint
Sleek Makeup is yet another British brand that I definitely have a lot of love for. Thankfully, it's also one of the cheaper ones as well. These pout paints are essentially just lipglosses and they come in really small packages. These essentially remind me of OCC lip tars but without the color variety. However, I think it's acceptable as I've seen other Beauty bloggers buy just four colors and they mixed them around to create different shades. The only thing that I wish Sleek would do is release a pout paint in a yellow shade. Each of these retail for £4.99 at either Superdrug or the official Sleek Makeup Store.

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss
I believe NYX cosmetics have recently started setting up around the UK. They now have an exclusive website and store dedicated to the UK which is awesome because they seem to be trying to promote their brand by changing up which products that have a 3 for 2 offer on. I'm currently lusting after these because I just generally need some nude lip glosses  A lot of the ones I have are intense and I'm looking for some neutral glosses that won't stand out too much. A single one of these glosses sells for £7 at our local store.

Model's Own Fruit Pastel Collection
Models Own is a company I've only recently become acquainted with and are yet another British brand. They can be found in several Boots stores across the UK but aren't stocked in every single Boots which can be a problem sometimes. They've recently released an Ice Neon collection along with this Fruit Pastel collection. I already own a purple and blue pastel varnish but I feel compelled to buy the whole collection anyway. On the plus side, each of these polishes are scented, so I may be able to use that as an excuse to be a completionist and just buy all of them anyway? Each of these polishes can be bought from Boots for £5.

Rainbow Honey Polish's Equestria Collection
Thanks to my lurking on reddit, I've discovered the world of indie polishes. The majority of them tend to have cool crafty confetti type glitters on them. The one that sticks out to me the most is Rainbow Honey's Equestria Collection. I guess my second Achilles heel is for ponies. Insert shameless plug to check out my my little pony makeup series here. But seriously, with recent issues with Royal Mail and polishes, I don't know if I'll ever be able to get my hands on any of these. These retail for $10 in the states per bottle, they do an alternative smaller size bottle which retails for $5. I'm not going to go into the price in pounds as I'm not sure if it's possible to purchase them directly from the states. The prices are seriously extortionate in some of the alternative retail options.

Is there anything you've been lusting after? Have you been looking for anything I've also been checking out? 

Feel free to drop a comment below. 


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