October 31, 2012

My 100th Blog Post: Fall Makeup 2012 Trends

I've finally made it, my 100th blog post!

I wanted to do something special for it. So, I figured instead of just posting up a look or a review, I'd put up a post with me trying out 5 of this year's Autumn trends and write about my thoughts on each look. I was surprised to find that every single source had different trends for fall 2012, so I just chose whichever 5 I felt like doing.

I really liked this one. It's the first time I've ever worn really thick eyeliner and I do approve.

I can't say much for this. I can't help but feel as though the look is somewhat incomplete with no brow work.

Every time I wear a dark color, I'm surprised by how much I actually like it, even if I don't really look like myself.

Gold in general is a safe color to use, it's nice for a more subtle look (especially compared to some of the looks I've posted up here)

Oh purple, for some reason I don't wear you on my face enough. In this look, I just sweeped the lid with 3 shades of purple and was pleased with the results.


  1. Congrats on your 100th post! :)


  2. Congrats! ^o^ lovely trend post! :D i wish purple shadows worked on me T.T

  3. Congrats on 100 posts girl! Thanks for linking up to Followers to Friends this week, I hope you made some new bloggy friends :)
    Happy Halloween x

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  4. 100, woohoo! I love makeup bloggers! Is your blog on Facebook?

    Found you through the me + the moon blog hop!


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  6. Congrats on the 100th post!! Found you through the getting to know you hop!
    Helene in Between

  7. Yay for 100!!! Thanks to you I now know what is hot this fall with makeup :)) Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


  8. Congrats on 100 posts :)
    Loved all the fall looks.
    Follow each other.

  9. Hi,

    i found you through the monday blues blog hop and i am liking your blog! keep up the good work!

  10. Aw you look so cute in your pictures! You did an amazing job on your liner in the 1st pic.

    I'm your newest follower through the blog hop :) Hope you'll check out my blog & do the same!

    - Erin xo

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  11. Interestingly enough I shy away from color but am so loving the purple.


    I just wanted to you to know how incredibly sweet it was to have you at An Aloha Affair last week. I hope you'll join me and our team of beautiful bloggers this week for an even bigger affair. I'll save a spot just for you...


  12. Congrats!!! Love the different fall looks especially the purple power. I love purples!