October 05, 2012

Bucket List

Oh October, this is such a random time to write up one of these but I figure why not? I've always actually had a draft written up on paper somewhere, but I've finally finished writing up a list. The images were taken from the perfect bucket list tumblr (I've also pinned some up on Pinterest previously)

1. Rome, Italy & Vatican City
2. Hawaii
3. Scotland
4. Niagara Falls
5. Japan
6. Ireland
7. Iceland
8. New zealand hobbit holes
9. Norway
10. Disneyland

11. Build a batmobile
12. Create a graphic novel
13. Make a youtube video
14. Blog
15. Scuba Diving
16. Bungee Jumping
17. Skydiving
18. Get over fear of roller coasters
19. Swim with Dolphins
20. Dye hair red

21. Juggle
22. Poi
23. Firespinning
24. Solve Rubix Cube
25. Drive a car
26. Make Sushi
27. Drive a motorcycle
28. Ride a bike
29. Improve photography skills (class)
30. To play an instrument

29. Midnight Screening of a film
30. Cirque du soleil
31. San Diego Comic Con
32. IMATs
33. Masquerade party
34. Either Spain Tomatino or Running of the bulls
35. Formula Racing Event
36. Any form of comic convention
37. A decent metal festival
38. A camping metal festival
39. University in the UK
40. An opera

41. Paint Fight
42. Northern Lights
43. Jump in pool fully clothed - after epic run
44. Water Fight
45. Crowd Surfing
46. Mosh Pit
47. Jumping into a fountain
48. A nerf war
49. Meet an orangutan
50. Food fight

So far I've managed to complete 18 out of the 50 things on my list thus far. Not bad.
What sorts of things are on your bucket list?


  1. Cute Blog! I found you through the blog hop! :) I am your newest follower!
    You have to go to Niagara Falls, they are beaitiful (especially the Horseshoe Falls in Canada!)

    1. Yup, I've already done that. It's one of the things I've managed to cross of the list. It was gorgeous.

  2. Such a great list! I should finish up making my bucket list and post it to my blog maybe!

  3. Great bucket list! I definitely want to travel to Japan...

    1. Yup, one day, it shall happen.