September 21, 2012

The Dark Judges Series - Judge Mortis

Today was the official global release of the new Judge Dredd film. The reviews thus far have been pretty positive so I'm hoping for a vast improvement to the abomination starring Stallone. I'm not sure if the dark judges are in the new film but a mate of mine uploaded some of the above artwork on his Facebook and it inspired me to do a new makeup series; The Dark Judges. 

The main dark judges are Judge Death the leader, Judge Fear, Judge Fire and Judge Mortis

Judge Mortis
The above images were taken off of PyeParr's blog, who designed these images. 
The far left is the weapon and the far right the judge's mask.

This look is actually pretty wearable if you take away the curved lines as the end.

Products used:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Loaded
Inglot Eyeshadow AMC 57
Sleek Makeup Acid Palette - Green (not neon)
Illamasqua Empower Palette - Synth & Blink
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Tako
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Incite
Illamasqua Precision ink in Abyss
Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake

Illamasqua Illuminator in Odyssey
MakeUpForEver Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick N4 Pink Beige

Illamasqua Skin Base No 9
Clinique Superbalanced Powder in No. 4
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Thalia


  1. You have the most beautiful eyes for these kind of reviews.

    This is a good review.

  2. Your eyes are beautiful! I could never wear too much makeup on my eyes because they are squinty when I smile. Oh well. Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Oh wow what a fab look - I suck with eye makeup I end up blending a couple of colours together and bobs your uncle all done!

    Thank you so much for linking up with my I Love my Post hop - I look forward to seeing you next week.

    Sarah x

    1. No worries, and thanks! I don't think I'm that great but practice makes perfect :3