September 12, 2012

LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask Review

After finishing up my tub of LUSH's love lettuce, I figured I'd like to also try out some of their other masks to see if any of them would be even better for me so I picked up Cosmetic Warrior.  

First things first, they've changed the packaging. Only slightly though, and its really just the volume of the tub. However, they still only give 75g of product. Guess it's just some ploy to make you feel like you're getting more product? Think I preferred the old one though, just as it was more compact. 

Good for? White head & black head breakouts & taming that red skin. However, I'd like to point out, in store, it was advertised as being good for skin brightening and pigmentation. So I bought it for THAT specifically. I found it pretty confusing. As I don't have acne prone skin (well not anymore) I have no idea if it worked for that. I originally bought it just for lightening my tan a bit/ getting rid of some pigmentation. 

First Impressions
The first thing you'll notice is probably the smell of garlic. I wouldn't say it's bad but it's definitely a strange smell and wouldn't personally consider it pleasant? It's not relaxing as the other mask was. My skin definitely felt smoother after, I can't say whether it did anything else for me as I'm awful with these kinds of things and on top of that, I don't have a breakout problem. I've managed to get 6 applications out of this and I still have a bit leftover for my last one before it expires. 

Does it work? Urm. I can't say? The website advertised the product to be for one thing while in store the sign by the product said something else. On top of that, I don't have a breakout problem so it doesn't apply to me at all. 

Green Grapes for degreasing skin & thorough cleaning without stripping the skin from moisture. Free Range Eggs provides Vitamin A which regulates natural sebum production, maintaining healthy skin. Honey treats infected acne spots and lightens skin. Kaolin for tightening pores. Garlic reduces spots and clears the complexion. Tea Tree Oil is a bactericidal antiseptic, also helping to clear skin.There are a few other ingredients included, click here to have a look. Their website is very good as you can click on each ingredient and it'll give you some background information on each of them. 

These retail:
1. in the US for $6.95 (£4.4, Dhs 25).
2. in the UK for £5.95 ($9.3, Dhs 35). 
3. 45 Dhs here in Dubai ($12.25, £7.8). 

Basically, if you're in the states, you're getting it at the cheapest price and if you're in Dubai, they're charging nearly twice the amount. However, I was happy to learn that you can still give in 5 tubs at the Lush stores here and get one for free.

Will I be buying this again?
No. That's not to say this product is bad, just that this specific mask didn't do anything for my skin as my skin didn't have the problems that the mask was designed to tackle. That put aside, I definitely prefer Love Lettuce over this one. 


  1. The pot looks bigger than it does here, deeper in fact but I might be getting the camera angle wrong.

    I enjoy Love Lettuce, I want to try this one as it seems suited to my skin.

    Avoid the seaweed one, the smell nearly made me vom, iunno whether it had gone off but god me it was horrible.

    I hope youre having fun in dubai!

    sara xxxxxxx

    1. Apparently they've introduced a new pot. Not sure if they did this recently or if it's just here. But yeah, this one is defo deeper. I really like the Love Lettuce one, there's only one other one I really want to try out and decide which one to stick to.

      Yes, I definitely don't plan on putting seaweed on my face xD

  2. love your blog. new follower anyway. if you don't mind, follow mine.

  3. It's nice to read about the different products, and hear and honest opinion on them.

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy them and yes I don't see any point in just claiming every single product out there is awesome.

  4. I don't think I could use a face product that smells like garlic :P
    Great review :)

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


    1. No problems, and yeah to each ones own some people really don't like the smell of it. I felt like it kinda woke me up? xD