September 19, 2012

Illamasqua Generation Q - I - Lips & Nails

So the Generation Q finally hit the shelves in Dubai today. I rushed out ASAP to try out a few products. Due to me trying to restrain myself (that & my wallet that is) - I limited the number of products I bought. After spending quite a while playing with their products, this is what I ended up buying:

1. Empower Palette - I didn't originally plan on purchasing any eyeshadows at all but whilst looking at these in-store I gave in and ended up with one. I'll be putting up pictures, swatches and a review tomorrow. 

2. Illamasqua lipstick in Underworld - I didn't just pick this up, I already owned this one. So I guess I kinda cheated with this.

3. Illamasqua Intense lipgloss in Boost - I already knew I was going to end up buying one of the lipglosses, this is the one I ended up choosing.

The Lips

Lipstick in Underworld

I do love Illamasqua's lipsticks despite being somewhat dry. They all still tend to apply well enough for you to see the color and they're longlasting. However I think every brand has the odd dud product. Underworld is so unbearably dry and I felt like it barely showed up on my lips. I may have to try and do some heavy moisturizing and retry using this. I will say though, this lipstick was a disappointment in my eyes.

Intense Gloss in Boost

I can say the exact opposite for boost. It exceeded my expectations. The color is described as being a 'blueberry violet', I quite like the purpleness of it. Like all of Illamasqua's intense lipglosses, this can be applied as thin or thick as you like, varying the intensity of the color.

Duckface lips

Thoughts on the other lip products:

Sheer Lipgloss in Opulent - I loved this gloss, it had loads of glitter in it. This combined with the intense lipgloss in Boost was beautiful. I think the 

Lipstick in Magnetism - a gorgeous dark raspberry pink color, very good for fall season. It wasn't dry like Underworld, seemed slightly moisturizing even. 

The Nails
Nail polish swatch in Creator

Swatching with nothing in hand feels weird. The lady in store applied these on my nails, it reminds me of stars and seems like an amazing base for a galaxy manicure.

Nail varnish in Charisma - this color actually looked a lot prettier in real life than the original online swatches. It seemed to match the exact same color as lipstick in Magnetism.

Click here to check out my full collection of Illamasqua nail varnish swatches.

Oh well, look out for part two tomorrow with eyeshadow swatches and a look of the day.


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