September 25, 2012

Burberry Beauty - Lip Cover Swatches

During a recent trip to Harvey Nichols, a counter lady from Burberry was nice enough to give me some product samples. It came along with some of their lip cover lipsticks and sheer foundations. I've tried on the foundation today so I can put up a review tomorrow but for now here are my thoughts on the lipsticks.

Nude Beige No 1
I personally found this color to be far too light for my skin. I think I'd use this if I wanted to do Ganguro makeup.

Rose Wood No 4
This color was slightly too brown for my liking.

Blush No 9
This one was definitely my favorite color out of the four.

Brick Red No 19
Dark red with blue undertones, I also quite liked this color.

First impressions: First thing I noticed was how moisturising they were. Secondly, I noticed how true to color they were. Very high with pigmentation. 

Longlasting? Maybe. Depends on if you eat. If you do, the lipstick is sure to disappear. My lipstick lost its color after 3 hours.

If you were to buy the actual lipstick itself you'll notice the lipstick box and actual lipstick product itself have a Burberry style texture. I'm not a fashion fanatic personally but I'm familiar with the brand thanks to my mother.

Duck Face Swatches
   Nude Beige No 1                           Rose Wood No 4
    Blush No 9                                     Brick Red No 19

Skin Swatch

Pricing: £22.50 in the UK, 132 AED in Dubai. Pricier than what I would normally pay. Also considering how I don't consider them especially long lasting, I don't see reason to pay so much money for it. It would make a nice gift for someone but I'd feel bad for even using the lipstick as it'd lose it's Burberry style shape.

All in all, I may be biased as I don't see the point of designer type cosmetics aside from a bit of a social status booster at most. You can probably get better quality goods for cheaper from some other company. I definitely won't be buying one for myself.

Product Rating: 3 / 5


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