September 05, 2012

Batman Series - Bane

I didn't originally plan on doing a Bane look but having recently read Knightfall and with him being in the latest of the Nolan trilogy, I figured why not? This look is based off of the comic book Bane as opposed to Tom Hardy / Christopher Nolan Bane. I struggled a lot with this look but I think the end result turned out alright.

I only show off one eye cause I messed up the other one - QQ

Products used:
Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in Flamepoint and Love+
Illamasqua Precision in in Scribe
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Corrupt
Clinique Mascara
MakeUpForEver Rouge Artist Intense 43 Moulin Rouge

I was tempted to add in some green somewhere to represent the venom but it just looked odd whenever I added it in. So this will have to make do.


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! check it out here :)

    1. Thanks! I'll put up a post related to this soon hopefully.