September 27, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award x 2

Sometime last month I had received the Versatile Blogger award from two different people & I figured I'd finally write this up. Thanks & Oahn Lee @

There are a few rules that you have to follow to accept the nomination:
  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
  2. Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award.
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.
So 7 random facts:
1] I was a massive tomboy as a child and never indulged in makeup as a kid.
2] My obsession with makeup only began 2 years ago. 
3] I prefer colorful or dramatic makeup over everyday makeup. (Clown makeup = the best makeup)
4] I'm a comic book dork. 
5] I've lived most of my life in Dubai. 
6] I am a massive scaredy cat when it comes to horror films.
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September 25, 2012

Burberry Beauty - Lip Cover Swatches

During a recent trip to Harvey Nichols, a counter lady from Burberry was nice enough to give me some product samples. It came along with some of their lip cover lipsticks and sheer foundations. I've tried on the foundation today so I can put up a review tomorrow but for now here are my thoughts on the lipsticks.

Nude Beige No 1
I personally found this color to be far too light for my skin. I think I'd use this if I wanted to do Ganguro makeup.

Rose Wood No 4
This color was slightly too brown for my liking.

Blush No 9
This one was definitely my favorite color out of the four.

Brick Red No 19
Dark red with blue undertones, I also quite liked this color.

First impressions: First thing I noticed was how moisturising they were. Secondly, I noticed how true to color they were. Very high with pigmentation. 

Longlasting? Maybe. Depends on if you eat. If you do, the lipstick is sure to disappear. My lipstick lost its color after 3 hours.

If you were to buy the actual lipstick itself you'll notice the lipstick box and actual lipstick product itself have a Burberry style texture. I'm not a fashion fanatic personally but I'm familiar with the brand thanks to my mother.

Duck Face Swatches
   Nude Beige No 1                           Rose Wood No 4
    Blush No 9                                     Brick Red No 19

Skin Swatch

Pricing: £22.50 in the UK, 132 AED in Dubai. Pricier than what I would normally pay. Also considering how I don't consider them especially long lasting, I don't see reason to pay so much money for it. It would make a nice gift for someone but I'd feel bad for even using the lipstick as it'd lose it's Burberry style shape.

All in all, I may be biased as I don't see the point of designer type cosmetics aside from a bit of a social status booster at most. You can probably get better quality goods for cheaper from some other company. I definitely won't be buying one for myself.

Product Rating: 3 / 5

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September 24, 2012

The Dark Judges Series - Judge Fear

My final look out of the the three lesser judges: Judge Fear. The lines beneath the eyes was inspired by the mask. I won't be doing Judge Death as white face, black makeup isn't that inspiring.

Above pictures taken from here.

This is probably my least favorite out of the three done. O well, next month I'll be doing a non-comicy based series: Making Don'ts. Look out for it. 

Products used
Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in 2AM and poison plum
Illamasqua pressed shadow in Savage
Illamasqua precision ink in Scribe
Illamasqua lipstick in Resist
Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Boost

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September 23, 2012

The Dark Judges Series - Judge Fire

My second look out of the Dark Judges series: Judge Fire. I'll be off to see the movie soon.

Above images taken from designer's blog here

I only did one eye as I had to rush out for driving classes and didn't fancy attending the lesson with my eyes looking like this. 

Side-ish profile so you can see the red shadows.

The inspiration was pretty simple: FIRE. I really can't think of anything else to say.

Products Used

Benefit Brow Zings
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette - Love+, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint
Inglot Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel 84
Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss

Illamasqua medium pencil in Feisty
Illamasqua lipstick in Maneater

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September 22, 2012

Dupe Alert: Benefit Brow zings & Sleek Makeup Brow Kit

So I recently reviewed Benefit's Brow Zings after receiving it as a freebie from my mum. Two weeks later, I stumbled upon an image of Sleek Makeups Eyebrow Kit. I don't want to steal someone else's picture of  Sleek Makeup's product so I'm using general product photos of them:
I'm going to guess that the two were probably originally made in the same factory or something as they're both so gosh darn similar externally. They both even offer the exact same brushes and tweezers. 

The only noticable differences to me was the brand logo on the brushes and tweezers along with the design cover on the products. You should note that Benefit offers three different colors while Sleek offers two.

I can't compare the quality of the two nor can I say whether or not the two use the exact same formula or product. So it's a risk you'll have to take but other reviews and people have said they're quite happy with it.

Benefit's Brow Zings will cost you $30 (approx £18.50) 
Sleek Makeup's Brow Kit is only $10.99 (a little less than £7)

I'm glad I wasn't the one who spent my cash on the Benefit brow kit, I figure I'd definitely end up at least trying out Sleek's brow kit once I've finished with Benefit's Brow Zings. 
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September 21, 2012

The Dark Judges Series - Judge Mortis

Today was the official global release of the new Judge Dredd film. The reviews thus far have been pretty positive so I'm hoping for a vast improvement to the abomination starring Stallone. I'm not sure if the dark judges are in the new film but a mate of mine uploaded some of the above artwork on his Facebook and it inspired me to do a new makeup series; The Dark Judges. 

The main dark judges are Judge Death the leader, Judge Fear, Judge Fire and Judge Mortis

Judge Mortis
The above images were taken off of PyeParr's blog, who designed these images. 
The far left is the weapon and the far right the judge's mask.

This look is actually pretty wearable if you take away the curved lines as the end.

Products used:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Loaded
Inglot Eyeshadow AMC 57
Sleek Makeup Acid Palette - Green (not neon)
Illamasqua Empower Palette - Synth & Blink
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Tako
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Incite
Illamasqua Precision ink in Abyss
Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake

Illamasqua Illuminator in Odyssey
MakeUpForEver Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick N4 Pink Beige

Illamasqua Skin Base No 9
Clinique Superbalanced Powder in No. 4
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Thalia

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September 20, 2012

Illamasqua Generation Q - II - Eyes

Illamasqua Empower Palette

"Expertly crafted, each new Illamasqua palette features a combination of shades to speak for every age, skin tone or personality, allowing you to create bespoke looks that ensure all eyes are on you.

Use the iridescent shimmers under the brow bone, in the inner corner of the eye or centre of the eyelid to illuminate and widen your eyes. Combine with a smoky definiton across the socket line, building at the outer corners, to create intrigue and mystery." - Illamasqua Artist Tips

I love this palette. I didn't expect to care for any of the new palettes as I considered them to be normal colors but I fell in love once the counter lady applied these on me. In the end I figured I'd purchase this as it would be something I could throw in my makeup bag for work as I probably shouldn't be going around in crazy bright colored shadows. 

Pricing: Dhs 205 / £34 - It's pricey, definitely. You can get a 10% discount by registering on the Illamasqua website and only from your third order onwards. (For some reason, it's not available for shipping to the states though =/) I was genuinely quite happy with the price. From a mid-high end brand, the price is reasonable especially as it's definitely a palette I can see myself using daily for work. 

I swatched these from lightest to darkest:
Synth, Blink, Fervent & Slick

Here's the eye makeup done by the counter lade instore - twas done rather quick and she just threw it on top of the makeup I was wearing, twas a bit messy but I genuinely thought it was pretty alright.

You can see Illamasqua's precision ink in Wisdom in this. The antique gold eyeliner was actually much prettier than I expected it to be. Had I the extra cash, I most definitely would have ended up buying this one.

Durability: The lady working at the Illamasqua counter applied this look on my face with no eyeshadow primer. I didn't get around to washing the makeup off until around 1 AM and the liquid metal color was still there. The light eyeshadow color was the first to go but it lasted a decent 4 hours before fading in this heat.

As promised, here's a look of the day - It's pretty unexciting compared to the normal colorful looks, sorry.

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September 19, 2012

Illamasqua Generation Q - I - Lips & Nails

So the Generation Q finally hit the shelves in Dubai today. I rushed out ASAP to try out a few products. Due to me trying to restrain myself (that & my wallet that is) - I limited the number of products I bought. After spending quite a while playing with their products, this is what I ended up buying:

1. Empower Palette - I didn't originally plan on purchasing any eyeshadows at all but whilst looking at these in-store I gave in and ended up with one. I'll be putting up pictures, swatches and a review tomorrow. 

2. Illamasqua lipstick in Underworld - I didn't just pick this up, I already owned this one. So I guess I kinda cheated with this.

3. Illamasqua Intense lipgloss in Boost - I already knew I was going to end up buying one of the lipglosses, this is the one I ended up choosing.

The Lips

Lipstick in Underworld

I do love Illamasqua's lipsticks despite being somewhat dry. They all still tend to apply well enough for you to see the color and they're longlasting. However I think every brand has the odd dud product. Underworld is so unbearably dry and I felt like it barely showed up on my lips. I may have to try and do some heavy moisturizing and retry using this. I will say though, this lipstick was a disappointment in my eyes.

Intense Gloss in Boost

I can say the exact opposite for boost. It exceeded my expectations. The color is described as being a 'blueberry violet', I quite like the purpleness of it. Like all of Illamasqua's intense lipglosses, this can be applied as thin or thick as you like, varying the intensity of the color.

Duckface lips

Thoughts on the other lip products:

Sheer Lipgloss in Opulent - I loved this gloss, it had loads of glitter in it. This combined with the intense lipgloss in Boost was beautiful. I think the 

Lipstick in Magnetism - a gorgeous dark raspberry pink color, very good for fall season. It wasn't dry like Underworld, seemed slightly moisturizing even. 

The Nails
Nail polish swatch in Creator

Swatching with nothing in hand feels weird. The lady in store applied these on my nails, it reminds me of stars and seems like an amazing base for a galaxy manicure.

Nail varnish in Charisma - this color actually looked a lot prettier in real life than the original online swatches. It seemed to match the exact same color as lipstick in Magnetism.

Click here to check out my full collection of Illamasqua nail varnish swatches.

Oh well, look out for part two tomorrow with eyeshadow swatches and a look of the day.

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