August 08, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises European Premiere

Whilst roaming around London last month, I randomly managed to walk into this:
It was the Dark Knight Rises European Premiere! I couldn't believe how lucky I was. (note: I love Batman, the comics, the animated series and the films) I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time. I genuinely had no idea it was happening then.
Area where all the cars drove in with the stars.
Tom Hardy at the premiere (aka Bane)
Marion Cotillard (Miranda Tate) wasnt received so well - a lot of people didn't seem to know who she was.
Anne Hathaway at the Premiere - I touched her hand just before this, you can see her kinda highfiving people as she makes her way down. And sorry for bottom shot...I was focusing on looking at her in real life that I didn't notice what was going on with the camera.

Michael Caine didn't show up. Morgan Freeman turned up but I didn't see him at all. I managed to see Christian Bale for all of the 5 seconds he stood outside before moving in to the red carpet area. I did get a decent look at Joseph Gordan Levitt, he was so smiley. He didn't hang around outside much either so unfortunately no shots. I did take videos from afar on my camera but they aren't worth uploading like the Anne Hathaway one.

There were a lot of boy band people around. I had no idea who they were. They weren't as well received as the stars. It was mostly teenagers and even preteens who were interested in them. I have a bunch of photos of others but I don't see any reason of uploading I really don't care for them. X_x
Some guy, who thought he was Batman. Maybe security thought he was also Batman? Either way, he was sent out of the red carpet area.
View of general Batmanness
A fan dressed up as Bane - I was genuinely impressed by how awesome his costume was. From what I could tell, those were real muscles. 
The logo on FIRE. Also a Batman mask in the background. So much coolness, I do wish I could have been in there. Not even for meeting the stars but just so I could see what they had going on in there. Oh well, that's that. 

I did watch the film on the release day and took the earliest showing possible (there weren't any UK midnight screenings sadly). I was sadly underwhelmed. I'll be posting up a review of the film when I get to rewatch it here in Dubai. Just because, I have so much to say about it. I'll also be continuing the Batman Makeup Series. 


  1. That's awesome that you walked into the premiere! It looks like you had a good time!
    I just followed from the Followers to Friends blog hop! :)

    1. Aye, twas cool just bumping into it per chance. Thanks for the follow, I've returned the favor.

  2. looks like fun all awround! :) Following you from blog hop :)

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS! I loved that movie, wish there was more events going on here in Chicago. Darn our mayor who wanted more money for them to shoot it here, they moved to Canada instead!! :(

    Miss Madd

  4. That's a pretty awesome thing to wander into!

  5. I am jealous you managed to go to the premiere. I wish I was there. I watched it at the weekend and not as good as the first two, but Christian Bale still won me over. Following you for the blog hop


    1. Yup, I think I enjoyed it the least out of all three movies. I'll be putting up a loong review just because I'm kinda obsessed with Batman xD So yeah, thanks for following! I've followed back!

  6. Hi! I love your blog. This post would go great with the link-up I'm doing today. Check it out! :)

  7. I found your blog through followerstofreinds from I am Pisces blog. I am now following you. :)