August 03, 2012

Swatch Comparisons: Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette

I recently received the Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette from the states. I made the order quite a while after its release as I wasn't sure if it was worth getting only because I wasn't sure if I already had all of its colors already. I wouldn't really consider this as a dupe list, just a bunch of swatches for comparison to some other products out there. 


I was expecting my Inglot eyeshadow to be an exact dupe of Acidberry but it had a lot more yellow in it than Acidberry. In general, I found that though some of the colors were similar, there wasn't an exact dupe of Acidberry. Absinthe was so much more glittery and somewhat greener, Dare was too pale and Midori & Appletini were green as opposed to Limey.


I didn't really expect to have any dupes of Velocity and I didn't. Royal Sugar was a lot brighter and Neptune was somewhat faded. I do think the Inglot AMC pure pigment 58 was a pretty decent dupe of Sugarpull's Afterparty though, which was an interesting find. The finish was different but the color is still almost identical.


One of the reasons I was pretty hesitant originally to buy the palette was because I thought 2AM was the same as Poison Plum or my Inglot Shadow. Thankfully, I was wrong. The closest dupe I have to 2AM is Illamasqua's Savage, which I had bought after the heart breaker palette. Oops. It is a tad bit darker though. So I suppose it depends how picky you are with these things.


All of these colors look the same! Especially in this picture. However, in real life I didn't find it to be so similar. Darling was much darker, but because of the lighting, they look too similar. Illamasqua's Chasm is very glittery in general. The Inglot shadow is pretty similar but is a shade darker. The same goes for Sleek Makeup's Chill (from the Ultra Mattes in Brights Palette) except its a shade lighter.

So, overall I suppose I could have gotten away without the palette (especially due to more recent eyeshadow purchases). These colors are all very pretty. The shades are pretty unique in general. It's nice to have colors that complement each other together though. I will (hopefully) be putting up a few looks with this palette sometime this month. You can purchase a palette from the Sugarpill store.

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