August 05, 2012

Travel Diary - Scotland Day Trip

During the summer, I went up to Scotland with family, here are a few photos.

1. View from our hotel in Newcastle/Gateshead | 2. We ended up doing a day trip to Scotland, here's some stadium thing. I think it's important xP | 3. View of Scotland and graveyard for dogs | 4. Inside the giant cannon | 5. Hmm, this canon was almost aimed at the church. | 6. Edinburgh Castle | 7. Memorial for those in the First world war, there were many books inside with all of the names listed | 8. Om om nom, swords | 9. Bagpipes and kilts, because Scotland and stereotypes


  1. Found you through Beautylish ;) Gorgeous pictures!
    Makeup by Rachel

  2. hey i found you on beautylish, i love these pictures

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