August 28, 2012

Recent Purchases

I haven't been posting as often as I could be. I've had relatives over, it's been nice having a full house and I'm sad that they've left. I now have to focus on job hunting and attaining my drivers license. Ah well, here are a few recent toys and cosmetics I've bought:

The Toys

Pinkie Pie & Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony figurines - I've been searching around town for these, I've only found these two thus far. The blind bags aren't available here either. Which saddens me muchly.

Batman Lego Keychain - Need I say more?

Batman Arkham City - Okay fine I confess this game is the main reason I've been pretty afk for the last few days.


 Lush Face Mask in Cosmetic Warrior - As I've finished with my Love Lettuce pot, I figured i'd try out a different face mask out. I've tried this one out once. After another two applications I'll put up a review on it. 

Inglot Nail Polish Corrector - Very useful and very handy. It makes cleaning up your nails after applying nail polish really easy. (i'll be honest i've never bothered with cleanups as I find my cotton always sticks to my manicure)

Inglot Nail Art Pen - These are discontinued and I managed to find the last one. Win! I'm hoping to get some other colored nail polish pens online once I have some money. I'll have to wait until then though.

Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean - It's nice being in Dubai as I find there are a lot more makeup brands available here than in the UK. It was nice to be instore and actually look at the products instead of guessing online through lots of research. I'll be using this in a fair few looks I believe.

Barry M Nail Polishes - The clear polishes I'll be using to try out making my own custom glitter polishes. If successful, I'll put up a tutorial on it too. The brown one was for nail art things? (also there was a 3 for 2 offer at Boots here in Dubland.)

I also picked up this tee:
I should probably get out of this obsession with Batman, I have too any posts related to him. I bought it at French Connection. It's a men's top in size XS, I never thought I'd be an XS in anything. Ah well, feels good!


  1. You are a girl after my own heart . You will love the game , it is one of my fav.'s . Love the shirt . I so wish i could get my hands on some BarryM stuph . I love you haul . Keep up the post's .


    1. I have been enjoying the game lots, I loved Arkham Asylum and all of the little references to different characters. Same goes for Arkham City. The amount of effort they've put into that world is amazing. I also loved how you could pay your respects down crime alley, I completely just randomly walked into that whilst doing one of the side missions. It's things like that that give me a nerdgasm xD

  2. Awesome haul! The NYX eye pencils are some of my favorites! I found your blog through the Followers to Friends hop, I'm following now! I'd love for you to check out my blog xx
    Beauty by T

    1. Thanks for following & yes I've already tried out one of NYX's Jumbo Pencils hence why I bought another. I've followed you back!

  3. Hey!

    I found you via the Blog Party on I Am Pisces, and you now have a new follower! (me ;D) I NEED INGLOT IN MY LIFE!!! Why do they not sell it here?!?!!?

    My GFC is Pretty In Pink :)

    Let me know if you stop by my blog too :)

    1. Ohai! Actually you can get Inglot in the UK. There's a store at Westfields Mall in London. Despite recent price bumpage, I found that after exchange rate conversion, most of the products are cheaper in the UK than here. It annoys me muchly. Also Inglot has an online store for the UK specifically.