August 11, 2012

LUSH Love Lettuce Face Mask Review

So, let me explain my skin routine for the last 3 years. It doesn't really exist. I wash my face with clinique once maybe twice everyday and when I come during our long breaks in uni, my mum sends me off to have a facial. So why did I buy this mask? For blogging? Lolno. I bought this face mask recently after I felt really grimy and dirty after a week away at a fitness camp in England where we had done lots of walking around in woods, up hills and with many many insects buzzing around us. The second I got back to civilisation, I just went to a lush store and bought this. I'm now writing this review after applying it three times.

I genuinely knew little to nothing about Lush products, aside from they're made from natural ingredients. After I bought it and took it home, I noticed the bottom of the pack had a sticker with an expiry and a production date. I learned that their face masks are made locally and put on the shelves asap. 

The plus side to this is its fresh so it'll work better. However, the product expires within a month after production and becomes mouldy. The plus side to this thought, is it pushes you to use it more often. I found because I knew it would expire soon, I made sure to use it at least once per week & I never ever bother applying face masks myself.

Good for? Deep Cleansing. Each of their masks offer something different. This one is meant to be good for exfoliation hence why I bought it after an icky week of hikes and exercise. Also, every time I've had skin consultations, I've been told that I need to exfoliate but I never bothered. If you're looking for something to help with acne, don't bother with this one.

First Impressions: I'll be honest I was kind of put off because of all of the almond shells and because it didn't feel very cool when I first applied it. This was because I had bought it, walked around town and then came home and applied it but the cover tells you that you need to store it in the fridge. So the second time I wore it was the first time I wore it correctly and it did feel pretty amazing. I felt clean and the exfoliation process is strong enough without being rough on your skin. The smell as well was lovely.

So, does it work? Mind you my opinions on skin related things aren't great but my skin definitely felt hydrated and pretty smooth, I definitely noticed a difference in texture. This specific mask isn't designed for getting rid of acne or anything as far as I'm aware and I don't really have any. The smell definitely made me feel cleaner. I was also hoping this would help with blackheads but I couldn't really tell. I suppose I ought to have taken a before/after picture to tell. However, I will say, that my face hasn't seen a single new whitehead these last three weeks which is nice as I usually get a small one popping up every once in a while.

The ingredients: as already mentioned, are all natural. This mask includes ground almond shells, which is for the exfoliation. It has honey which has been used in general for skin lightening and is specifically added for moisturizing. It has Kaolin, a natural soft clay, which is used for tightening pores.The lavender oil is the source of the pretty smell you'll notice once you open the tub. It also includes almond oil which gives the silky feel once you've washed the mask off. They've also added things like Chlorophyllin, which gives the face mask its green color. It's what drives photosynthesis and according to their site, studies have shown that it has protective qualities. 

There are a few other random bits added, click here to have a look. Their website is very good as you can click on each ingredient and it'll give you some background information on each of them. 

These retail:
1. in the US for $6.95 (£4.4, Dhs 25).
2. in the UK for £5.95 ($9.3, Dhs 35). 
3. 45 Dhs here in Dubai ($12.25, £7.8). 

Basically, if you're in the states, you're getting it at the cheapest price and if you're in Dubai, they're charging nearly twice the amount. However, I was happy to learn that you can still give in 5 tubs at the Lush stores here and get one for free.

So, will I be buying this again?
Definitely. However, I think I'll first be trying out one of their other face masks that are known to be good for black heads and then compare the two and see which one I like but even if I did like the alternative more, I can definitely see myself having this mask as a staple item for exfoliating my skin twice a week maybe.

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