August 27, 2012

Instagram: A Debate

As an amateur shutterbug, I was originally massively put off touching Instagram but now that I have ample time and have graduated and since a cousin showed off their Instagram profile, I sold out. 

Although I would consider it lazy photography, I do believe the app has its 'positives' (read uses).

Ever have someone on Facebook filling up your feed with somewhat silly, pointless photos that you care nothing for? So things like taking pictures of food or new purchases or I don't even know what. I confess, I've done things like take pictures of food and whatnot and then I think...okay...I've taken this picture, but I'm not going to put it up on Facebook, Instagram gives me a place to put all of the silly little insignificant things on.

It does wonders for meh pictures. An everyday normal photo of nothing special suddenly looks more interesting. 'Nuff said.

It's a decent way to give camera phone photos an extra oomph. Sometimes you take a picture of something silly on your phone as you just dont have an actual camera on you and a lot of the times, the pictures are so meh.

A stepping stone for photo enthusiasts. I've heard gripes of Instagram promoting lazy photography but I believe shutterbugs are shutterbugs and are unlikely to adopt Instagram as their sole means of taking pictures.  However, (I think this opinion makes me an optimist), I do think it a stepping stone for those who've had an interest in photography and haven't done anything about it. It's the lazy enthusiast's way of slowly easing into photography.

Having said that, I do have a few gripes:  

Filters make meh pictures look good & great pictures look meh. Ever heard of the photography law of just because its in black and white, it does not mean it's a good photo. In the same way, the 'vintage' type photos  can take away from an amazing picture. Thankfully, there's an alternative of not adding any filters. 

Hardly any filters I know there are different versions out but I don't know if those have different filters or more etc. I am a newcomer to instagram. 

Only available as an app. As someone who has yet to make the smart phone transition, I find it a bit annoying and would love for there to be a proper website so I can access it without having to run home and open up the ipad. I tend to sync up photos from my itunes and laptop onto the ipad and then I play around with the photos.

A nice way to go about the apps and lack of filters is using this website called pixlr-o-matic. It's also what I used for the label link buttons on the side of this blog. 

These are all my opinions, what are your thoughts?

You can find me on Instagram here. I'm on as MishMreow.


  1. Once I got an iPhone, I definitely downloaded Instagram. It's easy to use. I don't mind the stereotypes (like people who use IG think they're photographers, etc.) because I enjoy taking the pictures and sharing them with my followers. I also really like the effects on the pictures taken.
    Then, looking back over the pictures on my profile, I can remember special events and things like that.

  2. I've been using instagram for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It's so fun just to take random silly pictures of anything (and everything) and have a place to share them! And you can actually access instagram online too at!