August 23, 2012

Chunky Watch Bracelets

Went to DragonMart today and found some pretty cool bracelets...that are watches too! 

The second I saw these I was instantly attracted to them. They're pretty cool and handy as I've always struggled to add a watch on my arm if I'm wearing bracelets (I find it just looks weird - my reliable watch is pretty ugly/normal/dull?). 

These were up for sale for around Dhs 40 each, the lady said she'd give 2 for Dhs 70. I then pushed for a lower price, which she wouldn't give so I asked for 60 and she agreed. Wee expert bargaining skills. So it came down to Dhs 30 each, (roughly $8 or 5 pounds). I may update this post to put up a picture in more natural lighting.


  1. They look so pretty! I love chunky bracelets!
    The second one is my favourite! :)
    I found you through BBU Blog Hop!

    Natasha Carly x

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