July 16, 2012

Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette Swatches

I finally ordered & received Sugarpill's newest pressed eyeshadow palette. When I had found out about its release I was extremely upset as I didn't have enough money to justify buying more makeup. Finally the day came when it was fine to go ahead with it xP

The ever so cute delivery package

Front                                                              Back
         Inside Mirror                                        The Pressed Eyeshadows

The packaging has changed for this palette. It's still very pretty but I'd have preferred something similar to the previous ones simply because I can be very OCD about these things. It's still very pretty though.

Acidberry                                                              Velocity
2AM                                                                   Mochi

 Natural Light


I swatched these with just my fingers and without any kind of primer, you can see how pigmented these are. I was kind of apprehensive about buying these as I felt as though I already had these colors, so I hope to put up some swatch comparisons of these in future as well. So I can see what the differences are and you guys can see what I came up with.

I also received a sample of Lumi in my order. I'll put a swatch up of it in around a weeks time along with a look with these four colors when I get the time to actually apply it as I am abroad for now. 

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  1. Hey girl! Great swatches! I'm loving your blog :) I so need to get this palette now. I have the other two! <3