July 14, 2012

NOTD: Essie Bikini So Teeny

Bikini So Teeny is part of Essie's latest summer collection. It is described as a sparkling cornflower blue. It isn't available online currently. I'm guessing this is more to do with it being out of stock as opposed to not being sold generally. Can't say for certain. Each bottle retails for $8. 

I don't actually own this polish. I just had a pre-holiday manicure thanks to the folks. I had chosen the color because it looked so pretty in the bottle, but I don't think the color came out the same when applied. I think it was due to the top coat changing the finish.

Essie is a fairly popular brand but I had yet to try it out. Despite having a mani, I found that in around 5 days, I had a little chip on one of my nails. I don't know whether this is due to the polish or the base/top coat used on my nails. 

I've pretty much been afk for a while with blogging. I'm away from home graduating/away on holiday etc. I'll be away till the end of the month, but I'll still be publishing a few posts here and there but won't be as active as I was previously I think. Above pic: mani with books i'm currently reading my eyes out to. I've moved on to the second book. I do believe the first one has to be the longest book I've ever gone out of the way to read. The 2nd one has an extra 200 pages. Shall be fun! XP

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