July 24, 2012

Holiday Haul part 1: Illamasqua Summer Sale

During my holiday, I managed to finally visit Illamasqua's flagship store in London. I have to say, it was a bit smaller than I had imagined but the displays outside was put together very well.

Powdered Metal in Thalia £10.00, normal retail price £22.50
Powder Eye Shadow in Savage £10.00, normal retail price £15.50
Powder Eye Shadow in Dare £7.50, normal retail price £15.50
Cream Eyeshadow in Suck £5.00, normal retail price £15.50
Volume Mascara in Lewd £5.00, normal retail price £15.00
Pure Pigment in Chasm £7.50, normal retail price £15.50
Blusher Brush 2 £15.00, normal retail price £26.00

All together, I paid £60.00 for what would have originally cost me £125.50, that's more than 50% off the original price. Check out Illamsqua's website for their sale. Definitely keep looking back over time as they seem to be adding and taking away items fairly often.

Colors from L-R: Dare, Savage, Suck

These swatches were done without primer. I apologise for not putting up a picture with primer but I clumsily forgot mines at home. I'll definitely review these once I've actually worn these and played around with them. The powder eye shadows are reasonably pigmented but could be better. The cream eyeshadow is very pigmented but is known to crease as far as I'm aware, I will confirm/deny later. 

Illamasqua's Pure Pigment in Chasm is a very pretty green color that definitely complements most skin tones, it may take a bit more confidence for some to wear such a color. I've always been fond of their Pure Pigments, these are very good quality and I've gladly dished out the full £15.50 for it, but it's nice to get these at a much cheaper price.

Chasm on the left, next to Dare, Savage & Suck

Illamasqua's Blusher Brush 2 normally retails for 26, in sale I managed to buy it for 15 but now its been further reduced down to 10 last I checked. (Update: these are all now sold out :[ )

This brush is used for a more contoured blush application and feels amazing.
Illamsqua's powdered metal came with a sponge applicator. The powder is very glittery/shimmery. I'm not sure I'm too comfortable with putting this all over my face to set foundation but I do think it would be good for contouring. 

I bought Illamasqua's Lewd Mascara just because I've always wanted blue mascara. I hadn't actually heard about this product just the Illamasquara mascara. Again, I'll be putting up reviews once I've experimented with my products some more.


  1. I love illamasqua prod. I wish I was in London to be able to head to there store and get 50% of there stuff! Do you know if they have a store front in the US?
    I enjoy your blog and def following you. Please ck mine out and follow back :)

  2. What a fantastic deal! I've never tried Illamasqua but their products are so unique and colorful xoxo