July 04, 2012

Batman Series - Mr Freeze

Todays look was inspired by Mr Freeze. It's a pretty frosty look. I haven't taken full face shots as it looked pretty strange on a tanned face. If I had any pale foundation I would have probably done a full face shot, but oh well. This really isn't a wearable look at all but would probaby be decent if you were dressing up as an ice queen from Narnia or something along those lines.

Color got washed out a fair bit in the first two pics =/  Though it does remind me of Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze from the mess that was Batman & Robin. 

Only decentish shot with color I managed to get. 

Products used on the eyes:
Benefit Lust Duster in Boom Boom
Sleek Makeup Acid Palette (the two blues & the grey check out this link for pics) 
Sugarpill in Tiara
Illamasqua Precision Ink in Scribe

For the lips I mixed in a teeny bit of Illamasqua's lipgloss in Galactic with Illamasqua's lipstick in Fable.

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