June 29, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Depotting

Thing you'll need: 
Product for depotting, Straightening irons, knife & aluminium foil 
(I've done this without the foil, you'll have to be quick in this case)

MAC eyeshadows work differently than a lot of other shadows. You'll have to use a knife to flick out the eyeshadow pan which is stuck to a plastic plate in the pot. You need to press the knife against the line above the snatch (what the pot uses to keep it closed). This is by far the trickiest step imo. If it's not clear where you need to get the knife out, you can check out many videos on youtube. 
Remove the actual eyeshadow pan from the rest of the packaging.
Place the pan on the straightening iron (the foil will take longer but there's less risk of ruining the pan shape this way...i kind of just went for it anyway be quick if you don't use foil)
Use a knife (or scissors in my case, i felt iffy about using a knife) to push out the metal eyeshadow pan. Clean off any glue on the back of the pan

Optional: add a magnet to the bottom of the pan, i found that the pans still stuck to the z-palette even without the magnet 
Stick into palette and babadaboopi you're done!

With a lot of other products, all you'll have to do is place the product on the hair iron and push it out as the packaging deforms a bit. I tried this with some inglot shadows.

I even managed to add some clinique blushes

I know I said I would try out converting loose eyeshadows to pressed eyeshadows but I've had a pretty negative experience trying it out. I may in future retry it if I have a loose eyeshadow that I don't mind sacrificing for SCIENCE (& easy makeup storage)

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