June 11, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Depotting Lipsticks/Reusing 'Finished' Lipsticks

Don't you hate it when you reach the end of a favorite lipstick? I had a 'finished' Lipstick called Test by Illamasqua and I've figured out how to use up all of the leftover product still left in the tube that I couldn't apply so easily onto my lips.

This is also something you could do if you have to travel abroad and you have limited space. Adding lipstick onto a magnetic palette along with eye shadows and blushers can seriously reduce space while travelling! [Expect another depotting tutorial tomorrow with eyeshadows and blushers]

Things you'll need: 
1. An earbud/thick toothpick/anything to scrape out the makeup with
2. A heater/hairdryer/hair irons (if you use hair straigtening iron then also use aluminum foil)
3. Pan to place lipstick
4. Lipstick!

Pull out all the cotton bud on one end of the earbud, I used my bare hands.

Scrape the lipstick out of the lipstick tube and place it onto

Heat. As I was using a hair iron, I place aluminium foil in between the two to make sure it didn't disfigure the shape of the pan. Once all of the lipstick has been melted, remove the aluminum foil. Be careful, the metal on the pan is HOT and you'll have to balance the lipstick well or you'll get spillage. Should spillage occur, clean the sides of the pan AFTER cooling.
Leave to cool & your done! The cooling process shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes surprisingly. Alternatively place the lipstick in the fridge for a short while. I just happen to live in a cold country.

I also figured, since I had 10 of these pans all together, I may as well add some other colors. So I cut a bit of my other lipsticks with a (cleaned) knife and added them to a different pot, it worked out well:
Colors from left to right:
Test, Fable, Resist, Atomic, Maneater

I found the color payoff didn't change after doing this. The only thing was that because I was using a lip brush I had to dig in a bit more than I was used to to get some color onto my brush. Nonetheless it is an excellent way to save space when travelling abroad on holiday.

Place in Z-palette and you're done!

WARNING: The Z-palette is not very secure, if you drop it, things are likely to fall everywhere. While travelling make sure to place it in a secure place.


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  2. hi there! great tutorial and blog btw, but i have a quick question. where did you get the pans for the lipstick and eyeshadows?

    1. Thanks! The lipstick pans I bought from the makeup geek store here: http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/palettes/empty-palletes/z-palette-empty-pans-10-pack.html

      The eyeshadow pans weren't bought, the two on the left were depotted, the rest were eyeshadow pans i bought from that same store. You can however but them off of ebay:

  3. I depotted mine into two plastic containers not unlike the MUFE flash palette :) easier for me to decide which shade to use and easier for storage! I want the Z palette so bad though x
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