June 14, 2012

Nails Inc Haul, Swatches & Review

Pricing: In general, each bottle costs £11 (Approx $17) per bottle. It's very pricey hence why I've put off buying any of these products for quite a while. They do a pick & mix offer on their site where you can get 10 bottles for £6.5 ($10) each. (note: not all products are available in this option, especially new products) Luckily, I got a 'better' bargain. All of this cost me £37 ($57.5), so instead of paying £1.1 per ml, I ended up paying 37 pence per ml. Bargain! Especially for a more high end brand product. 

These two were the reasons I bothered making an order, I've wanted this style of nail varnish for quite a while. They didn't disappoint, they are beautiful and I've had random people ask about my nails as well.
Pudding Lane                                   Topping Lane
The second I received these in the mail I painted my nails like this! 4 Days later and not a single chip in site thus far.

As I ordered the previous two, I found out there was a lucky dip offer for the Queens Jubilee where you could get 6 bottles for £15. I figured why not?
Hoxton Crackle                                      Primrose Hill
St   Pancras                                      Fenchurch St
Prince Albert Road                        Old Park Lane

At first, I was pretty disappointed with the lucky dip but after applying them I felt much better. The only two that appealed to me at first were Hoxton Crackle & St Pancras. 

I thought Hoxton Crackle was a beautiful purple. You can avoid the crackle effect by painting twice over or alternatively not applying a base coat. (I personally never became a fan of the crackle fad). 

St Pancras was a glorious deep red. A color that I had meant to add to my collection so far, I'm glad I finally managed to get it.

Once I'd applied the varnishes on my nails, I fell in love with Primrose Hill & Old Park Lane. They were surprisingly pretty. I think they're now my favourite ones out of the whole lot. The way the colors change as the light hits them is beautiful. 

Prince Albert Road was alright, it is very pretty and very sparkly. I just think I'm over the dark blue color for now. Maybe in Winter I'll appreciate it more.

Fenchurch Street is the only one I really don't like. The color is just so meh. I guess having brown skin as well doesn't help. It does nothing for me.

This was given for free on baskets worth £35 or more. Woo! The bottles are much smaller than the rest, they each hold 4ml as opposed to 10ml of nail polish.
Regents Park                                          York Street
Sumner Place                                   Warwick Avenue
Westbourne Mews

I loved these colors (the pinks a lot less but they were still alright). Westbourne applies beautifully, Sumner Place is so cute and York Street is such a gorgeous blue. My only issue with these are the bottles are pretty small and my hands are rather big. These are not for sale & are only available on orders worth more than 35 quid. I am pretty happy with this haul. No regrets. I think at some point in the future, I'll be doing some swatch comparisons.


  1. Oh my I am so jealous! They are so awesome. I like the sprinkles one and the last set, nice pastels!


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  3. I absolutely love the sprinkles ones, they look like they come out so well on the nails too <3
    New follower here :) x