June 08, 2012

Makeup Geek Store Haul

Upon my return from Italy, I found that my haul from the makeup geek store had finally arrived! 

I was pretty excited that these had arrived. Had it not been for my random stumbling upon this site, I wouldn't have been quite as obsessed with makeup.

The packaging reads, 'As Makeup Geeks, we stay true to who we are. Cosmetics are not used to change ourselves, but to enhance the exquisite and unique people that we are. To be a Makeup Geek means to be a reflection of our own inner beauty.'

I bought 12 of their eyeshadow pans, each retailed for $5.99 (approx £3.90). They are also available as compacts $7.99 (approx £5.20).

Quick swatches, from Left to Right:
Razzleberry, Corrupt, Bitten, Duchess, Wisteria, Unicorn, Neptune, Poolside, Peacock, Appletini, Sea Mist & Envy
I'll upload more detailed swatches and write a decent review on the shadows soon. 

My only disappointment were the z-palette empty pans. They were much smaller than I had imagined but that's more my own fault as I should have checked the dimensions. I'm hoping to put up a tutorial on depoting lipstick and turning loose eyeshadows into pressed eyeshadow. 

The store also sells other brands. Such as Sugarpill and Nyx cosmetics. I'd been meaning to pick up Royal Sugar for a while. Also, the store doesn't seem to charge anything extra to the original store's pricing.

Nyx Jmbo pencil in milk. I've heard loads of people rave about this. I look forward to finally being able to use this.


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