June 29, 2012

Travel Diary - Rome, Vatican City, Italy

So, I've previously announced that I was going to Italy. Whilst there I took roughly 600 photos. Of which many were duplicates of each other and others were just poorly shot. I've uploaded some highlights as a collage. Overall, Rome was beautiful, filled with history and lots of gelato. Needless to say, I loved it

Day 1
My first day in Italy was pretty tiresome but awesome, we had woken up at 3:30 in the morning. Once we arrived, we wasted no time and dropped our stuff at the hotel and left asap. First thing we saw, was the Colosseum. Where I took loads of photos. It was swamped with tourists.

From there, we moved on to some ruins nearby and the Roman Forum. We carried on towards the pantheon, visited several piazzas and hung around the trevi fountain in the evening with some gelato at hand.
Gardens | A plot of land amongst ruins | An arc at the roman forum | National monument to Victor Emmanuel | A group of human statues | Meme tees are a tourist thing apparently | Piazza Navona Four Rivers Fountain |  Trevi Fountain | Gelato

Day 2
On day two, we decided to head to Vatican City. It's a tiny place, we essentially spent a long time queuing up for the Vatican museums and later on we climbed up St Peters basilica. We also went inside the sistine chapel, as it is a holy place, we didn't take any photos of the place. We did go inside St Peters too and finished the day off with some gelato.
 Ceiling inside the vatican museum | A pantheon like ceiling in the museum | The orb in the square within the museum | The hall of Atlas' | Stairways of the vatican museum | Skylight at the exit of the museum | St Peters | At the top of St Peters | Inside St Peters

Day 3
Our third day was a much more chill day, we went to a much less touristy area and walked around a graveyard that was designated for non-catholics. We then took a train and went all the way to Villa Borghese garden / park. It was really pretty and chill. In the evening and sadly, not pictured, on our way home we passed by a religious gathering and briefly saw the pope (from a distance of course).
Pyramid that was WAY out of the way to get to | A crypt at a graveyard for non-catholics | Another crypt | Italian graffiti | Gelato | Villa Borgese Garden | Modern Street Art | A couple waddling in a fountatin | Late night om noms during our last night


  1. Oh wow, that's amazing. It's so beautiful! & The snacks look delicious. :D

    1. Aye sadly I think they looked prettier then they tasted :P It was fun nonetheless xP

  2. found your blog on beautylish and i love it! also, hope you had a great time in italy <3
    Miss City Chic