June 30, 2012

Ombre Jaguar Nails

The above nails were originally inspired by Gia from the new Madagascar film during the circus show, I just really liked the color combination. Sadly I didn't have the right colors on me it seemed. It felt like every color was either too light, too dark, too pink or too purple. Twas annoying but in the end I was quite pleased with what I ended up with.

These were the nails I originally came up with without looking at a pic and from memory. Once I looked for pictures I realized it was far too pink. Oh well, still fairly pretty in the end imo.
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Illamasqua Haul

Registered members on Illamasqua's site receive 15% off their orders. I had received some vouchers with a promotional offer of 20% off with a previous order. Hence, the discount compounded so I went ahead and ordered many many things.

Intense lipgloss in Repulse: Black lip gloss. I bought this for an upcoming character look. 

Sheer lipgloss in Torture (orange) & Tantrum (purple) & Lipstick in Apocalips (teal) & Underworld (purple): Illamasqua has exclusive web offers online where you can purchase a lipstick with sheer lipgloss as a set at a discounted price. These were all bought as they were simply just colors I'd been meaning to try for quite a while. Swatches to come soon.

Precision ink in Scribe: This along with Apocalips is from the Human Fundamentalism collection. I'd ordered these because of their uniqueness. It is the ultimate anti-liner imo. It's really strong & the formula is long lasting. Here's scribe in my Mr Freeze inspired look: 

Skin Base Foundation No. 9: I'll be putting up some before and after pictures for this foundation. I am really pleased with this, it does have a strange smell to it though but it covers up well without applying too much product & it hasn't reacted to my skin negatively. It's resulted in no zits appearing. I think I've found my new everyday foundation.

Nail Varnish in Faithful: Part of their new Naked Strangers collection it was the only item that interested me. It...reminded me of chocolate >.< 
I've updated my previous Illamasqua Nail Varnish Swatches post to include this swatch.
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MUFE: Rouge Artist Natural Swatches & Review

I was given these samples along with a purchase I made at a MUFE Professional Store a few months ago. An actual lipstick tube costs $19 (approx 12 quid). I was given 3 samples for free. Wee.

"Rouge Artist Natural has an ultra creamy formula that hydrates the lips with a natural sheen.
Enriched with a cocktail of vegetal ingredients, made of waxes and Cupuassu Butter, it contains nourishing properties for a moisturizing smooth texture that glides on effortlessly.
Its translucent shine reveals pure pearls and pigments for a profusion of 50 luminous shades." - MakeUpForEver.com

Lip Swatches
N4 Pink Beige

N19 Iridescent Icy Pink

N34 Candy Pink

Skin swatch from Left to Right: N4, N19 & N34

Product Review
This feels amazing on my lips, I'm used to using much dryer products but this is so moisturizing and soft. and there isn't any extra smell to it. It lasts fairly long as well, at least 4 hours & has managed to survive light snacking somehow.

However, as you can probably tell from the above pictures, what you see isn't necessarily what you get. The color tends to blend with your natural lip color hence why the lip swatches and skin swatch look so different. However, it is called Rouge Artist Natural & MUFE have come up with a different lipstick line called Rouge Artist Intense, so it's understandable. The price is rather steep for my liking personally. Especially as these are just natural colors & not especially unique.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5 
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June 29, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Depotting

Thing you'll need: 
Product for depotting, Straightening irons, knife & aluminium foil 
(I've done this without the foil, you'll have to be quick in this case)

MAC eyeshadows work differently than a lot of other shadows. You'll have to use a knife to flick out the eyeshadow pan which is stuck to a plastic plate in the pot. You need to press the knife against the line above the snatch (what the pot uses to keep it closed). This is by far the trickiest step imo. If it's not clear where you need to get the knife out, you can check out many videos on youtube. 
Remove the actual eyeshadow pan from the rest of the packaging.
Place the pan on the straightening iron (the foil will take longer but there's less risk of ruining the pan shape this way...i kind of just went for it anyway be quick if you don't use foil)
Use a knife (or scissors in my case, i felt iffy about using a knife) to push out the metal eyeshadow pan. Clean off any glue on the back of the pan

Optional: add a magnet to the bottom of the pan, i found that the pans still stuck to the z-palette even without the magnet 
Stick into palette and babadaboopi you're done!

With a lot of other products, all you'll have to do is place the product on the hair iron and push it out as the packaging deforms a bit. I tried this with some inglot shadows.

I even managed to add some clinique blushes

I know I said I would try out converting loose eyeshadows to pressed eyeshadows but I've had a pretty negative experience trying it out. I may in future retry it if I have a loose eyeshadow that I don't mind sacrificing for SCIENCE (& easy makeup storage)
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Travel Diary - Rome, Vatican City, Italy

So, I've previously announced that I was going to Italy. Whilst there I took roughly 600 photos. Of which many were duplicates of each other and others were just poorly shot. I've uploaded some highlights as a collage. Overall, Rome was beautiful, filled with history and lots of gelato. Needless to say, I loved it

Day 1
My first day in Italy was pretty tiresome but awesome, we had woken up at 3:30 in the morning. Once we arrived, we wasted no time and dropped our stuff at the hotel and left asap. First thing we saw, was the Colosseum. Where I took loads of photos. It was swamped with tourists.

From there, we moved on to some ruins nearby and the Roman Forum. We carried on towards the pantheon, visited several piazzas and hung around the trevi fountain in the evening with some gelato at hand.
Gardens | A plot of land amongst ruins | An arc at the roman forum | National monument to Victor Emmanuel | A group of human statues | Meme tees are a tourist thing apparently | Piazza Navona Four Rivers Fountain |  Trevi Fountain | Gelato

Day 2
On day two, we decided to head to Vatican City. It's a tiny place, we essentially spent a long time queuing up for the Vatican museums and later on we climbed up St Peters basilica. We also went inside the sistine chapel, as it is a holy place, we didn't take any photos of the place. We did go inside St Peters too and finished the day off with some gelato.
 Ceiling inside the vatican museum | A pantheon like ceiling in the museum | The orb in the square within the museum | The hall of Atlas' | Stairways of the vatican museum | Skylight at the exit of the museum | St Peters | At the top of St Peters | Inside St Peters

Day 3
Our third day was a much more chill day, we went to a much less touristy area and walked around a graveyard that was designated for non-catholics. We then took a train and went all the way to Villa Borghese garden / park. It was really pretty and chill. In the evening and sadly, not pictured, on our way home we passed by a religious gathering and briefly saw the pope (from a distance of course).
Pyramid that was WAY out of the way to get to | A crypt at a graveyard for non-catholics | Another crypt | Italian graffiti | Gelato | Villa Borgese Garden | Modern Street Art | A couple waddling in a fountatin | Late night om noms during our last night

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June 26, 2012

My New Makeup Battlestation

So I've been incredibly inactive lately. As I've mentioned in an earlier post, I've been moving back home. It's been a relatively busy time for me. Now that I'm home, I've been working on clearing out all of the clutter and moving in all the things I've accumulated at uni....so lots of makeup pretty much.

So I bought a new piece of furniture from IKEA to store all of my makeup in one spot. I reckon this will make things much easier for me and I won't be running around the room quite as much now. Only thing I don't really like about it is that I don't have my makeup out on display anymore for now. (I guess I'll have to make up for it by buying MOAR makeup). It's pretty handy, especially as it comes with an inbuilt mirror so I can get ready whilst staying in one spot.

On the top I just keep my makeup brushes along with my makeup book. 

Eyeshadow Palettes, False Eyelashes & Eye Primers

I've stored pretty much ALL of the makeup here. Lipsticks, eyeshadows, concealer, glosses etc.

I've put a bunch of random stuff here for now, mostly crafty type of things

All of my nail polishes, nail brushes, nail dotters & acrylic paint (stored in the yellow tub)

Leftover nail related tools

On the bottom, I keep all my camera equipment (& my torch, just because)

Hopefully I'll be putting up a few more posts up soon!
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June 14, 2012

Nails Inc Haul, Swatches & Review

Pricing: In general, each bottle costs £11 (Approx $17) per bottle. It's very pricey hence why I've put off buying any of these products for quite a while. They do a pick & mix offer on their site where you can get 10 bottles for £6.5 ($10) each. (note: not all products are available in this option, especially new products) Luckily, I got a 'better' bargain. All of this cost me £37 ($57.5), so instead of paying £1.1 per ml, I ended up paying 37 pence per ml. Bargain! Especially for a more high end brand product. 

These two were the reasons I bothered making an order, I've wanted this style of nail varnish for quite a while. They didn't disappoint, they are beautiful and I've had random people ask about my nails as well.
Pudding Lane                                   Topping Lane
The second I received these in the mail I painted my nails like this! 4 Days later and not a single chip in site thus far.

As I ordered the previous two, I found out there was a lucky dip offer for the Queens Jubilee where you could get 6 bottles for £15. I figured why not?
Hoxton Crackle                                      Primrose Hill
St   Pancras                                      Fenchurch St
Prince Albert Road                        Old Park Lane

At first, I was pretty disappointed with the lucky dip but after applying them I felt much better. The only two that appealed to me at first were Hoxton Crackle & St Pancras. 

I thought Hoxton Crackle was a beautiful purple. You can avoid the crackle effect by painting twice over or alternatively not applying a base coat. (I personally never became a fan of the crackle fad). 

St Pancras was a glorious deep red. A color that I had meant to add to my collection so far, I'm glad I finally managed to get it.

Once I'd applied the varnishes on my nails, I fell in love with Primrose Hill & Old Park Lane. They were surprisingly pretty. I think they're now my favourite ones out of the whole lot. The way the colors change as the light hits them is beautiful. 

Prince Albert Road was alright, it is very pretty and very sparkly. I just think I'm over the dark blue color for now. Maybe in Winter I'll appreciate it more.

Fenchurch Street is the only one I really don't like. The color is just so meh. I guess having brown skin as well doesn't help. It does nothing for me.

This was given for free on baskets worth £35 or more. Woo! The bottles are much smaller than the rest, they each hold 4ml as opposed to 10ml of nail polish.
Regents Park                                          York Street
Sumner Place                                   Warwick Avenue
Westbourne Mews

I loved these colors (the pinks a lot less but they were still alright). Westbourne applies beautifully, Sumner Place is so cute and York Street is such a gorgeous blue. My only issue with these are the bottles are pretty small and my hands are rather big. These are not for sale & are only available on orders worth more than 35 quid. I am pretty happy with this haul. No regrets. I think at some point in the future, I'll be doing some swatch comparisons.
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