May 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Makeup Storage

Since my uni life will be coming to an end soon, I've been meaning to start clearing up my things and throwing out rubbish. I figured I'd finally take a crack at it by starting with the 'fun' area: Makeup ^^

Desk & Window Area


I admit, I prefer the cluttered look. However, the cleaning and reorganizing is much better because now I know where everything is and things aren't quite as difficult to get access to and I won't end up making as much of a mess of things whenever I groom myself. 

On the shelf, I've kept all of my nail items (except my brushes). So dotting tools, studs, nail tattoos, all my polishes, fimo canes, stamping tools, and razors.

On the other side of the shelf, I've kept perfume, nail clippers, nail glitter and my jewelery box.

Moving on to: The right corner of my table!

This is my sugarpill tub, I just used a small food container for this and removed the lid. The sticker was given by the company with an order. Remove the two palettes on top and voila, a tub full of sugarpill loose eyeshadows! (Okay, fine, there's also some random odd bits in there)

Palettes, sharpeners, ear buds, cotton pads, makeup wipes, and random hair bands, hair clips and hair dividers are stored in this...thing. It's another hand me down from my mum, it was taken from a till from a mini store her mum used to own. It's pretty random but very handy.

Shelf Storage

Before                                                                  After

The top shelf purple baskets now actually arent piled up with random items. One of them is filled with sample creams, facial masks, night creams and contact lenses. The other one has wires for charging things and gloves. Moving on to the middle shelf:

On the left, I've kept all my false eyelashes and studs in the Illamasqua box. The box was given for free with a purchase. I've kept my bullet belt on top and draped my purple extensions around a portable mirror. On the right, I've put hair products in a clear tub (it was a food container). The purple bag is a sewing kit, its stuffed with random patches so I can customize my clothes, patch denim waistcoat, bags, hats and other items.

The bottom shelf is by far my favorite. On the very left, I've kept all my mascara and lip products. I've also stacked loads of Illamasqua eye products. Behind them, I've kept eye glitter mascara and glitter liner. Next to them, I have various concealers. On the right, I've kept various brushes, lipliners and eyeliners and blush. Next to that I've kept a pile of items I use as primers. 

Makeup Brushes, Nail Brushes, Liquid Liners, Eyeliners

              I bought this at a stationary store, its basically a stationary/pen holder.  I divided the 4 main sections to makeup brushes, eyeliners and lip liners, liquid liners and nail brushes. (clockwise from the top) The bottom is just space for random odd ends. 

Lip Glosses

I got this from my mum, who had acquired this from a promotion Clinique had several years ago. I do believe it'll be difficult to come across again.

Thanks for reading!


  1. So organize, wanna spring clean my area desk? lol

  2. Oh my god, how many Illamasqua polishes do you own? You are my hero </3 also, I never knew you lived in Viccy Halls!

  3. Hi I really like your blog! I need help, I'm new to this. How can I add tabs on the top for "subscription beauty box services" etc. like how you put "makeup series" "review and swatches"