May 22, 2012

NOTD: Sunset Nails (MoYou Massive Nail Art Plate)

I was quite pleased with these nails, it's a shame that one of my fingers smudged massively but I thought it kinda looked cool on it's own (out of place with the others though). The pinky is meant to have some sort of scorpion, (I assume it's a scorpion as opposed to a lobster).

Method and MoYou's Massive Nail Art Image Plate after the jump!

  1. For the background, I basically painted one nail all black first, then wiped off the excess that I didnt want with a folded cotton pad. 
  2. Then I moved on to the next nail and did the same. 
  3. Once the black was applied to all of the nails, I did the purple and started by painting from the black and upwards, then I wiped the excess that I didn't want again. 
  4. I repeated this with the other colors.
  5. Apply top coat
  6. Wait to dry
  7. Stamp away!
I received this huge nail art plate in the mail today off of Amazon, it was less than 20 quid when I ordered it, the price seems to have bunked up to around 30 now for some reason. Here is the link. 
I really like it, it has all of the stamps in one place as opposed to looking through all of my small discs.  I'm guessing it's basically all of the konad disc stamps, or at least a large amount of them as I only have two discs and those stamps are already on this plate. I am pretty pleased with my purchase I'm going to have fun trying to come up with new ways to use these stamps! 
                               Thanks for reading, 

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