May 08, 2012

Introductory Post and then some

For a while, I've wanted to start blogging, around the same time my obsession with makeup began. I'm not a makeup artist, I merely enjoy playing with it and consider this somewhat of a public journal of my progress. I'm not a nail technician either. Throughout my life I've been a tom boy and only recently began getting into makeup and I'm trying to teach myself to improve. I consider this blog to sort of be a journal of my progress. I've never had anyone teach me how to makeup and would love to one day learn how to apply makeup properly. Until then I'll just experiment and see how it goes, see what works and what doesn't. However, a makeup blog had always felt too narrow so this blog will probably end up covering general geekery into it as well. 

So today, I received some dotting tools in the mail along with some Fimo Cane Rods. The rods came with a blade and some glue. The blade was surprisingly good quality and the glue is very sticky. A little too sticky, found it very tricky to work with. O wells, here's my first attempt at dotting and playing with these canes:
(Nail color is Illamasqua's Nudge)


  1. I really like what I have seen so far! Especially your LOTD :D

    1. Thank you lots for the kind words ^^